Fashion Review: Alex and Ani Bracelets


Alex and Ani bracelets are the perfect gift to give to someone you love. They are dainty arm candy that is adjustable as well as stackable. They have all kinds of bracelets with a hanging charm with different sayings, symbols, and initials. On the website, it shows that all the charms stand for something. For example, I have the Godmother charm on one bracelet and the other is a swan charm:

“Symbolic of affection and watchfulness, the violet emphasizes the loyal traits of a Godmother.”

“A majestic creature that embodies grace and beauty, a swan is a powerful symbol of love. Embrace the devoted energy of this migratory being with the Swan Charm as an encouragement to glide through life with an open heart.”

Alex and Ani bracelets are the kind of understated accessory that will go with all your outfits. Even stacking a few of them does not translate to over-accessorizing. You can start a collection and choose which ones to stack together or wear alone. I love wearing mine alone. Another nice thing about Alex and Ani charm bracelets is that they are expandable, meaning they will fit almost everyone. I have smaller wrists so I don’t have to worry about expanding it.

I recently found out that I am allergic to any earrings that contain nickel. Meaning no more costume jewelry for me. Strictly diamonds only! Just kidding. Luckily, these are nickel-free, depending on which finish you choose. I have the Rafeallan Silver Finish in both bracelets.

These accessories are easy to clean. All you need is a mild soap and a bowl of water. But I’ll have a post about taking care of your Alex and Ani bracelets soon.


Alex and Ani Godmother Charm Bangle
Alex and Ani Swan Charm Bangle

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