Hair Care: Coconut Oil

Inspired by: @racheltalbott

I do this coconut oil hair mask once a week, and it has worked wonders.


I was blessed with shiny, soft hair. But lately, I have noticed that when my hair gets really long, I tend to get split ends. The ends are drier and there are more knots in my hair. I will show you how to get your hair back to soft, shiny hair from root to tip. All you need is some coconut oil.


I usually store coconut oil in the refrigerator, and it becomes a white solid. I find it easier to work with when it is in its solid form first, rather than just straight up liquid. Put about a teaspoon of coconut oil onto your hand.


The thing about coconut oil is once it hits room temperature, the solid immediately melts into a liquid.


Btw, these pictures were taken within seconds of each other. See how fast the melting happens? I even noticed some of it dropped onto the floor as I was taking the picture. Whoops! Now all you have to do is run it through the ends of your hair. I have an oilier scalp, so there is no way I am putting the oil anywhere near there, just at the ends. If your scalp/hair is dry, by all means, slather on some coconut oil in the areas you need it. I just applied it to my ends.


After your ends are coated in the coconut oil, throw your hair up into a bun. You can leave it in your hair as a 30 minute treatment and wash it out right away. Or you could do this process at nighttime (like I usually do) and leave the oil in for hours, wake up and wash it out. A word of warning, it may transfer onto your pillow so line it with a towel before you sleep. Also, you must shampoo your hair twice to get all the oil out. Once is simply not enough.



When all the steps are completed, just style your hair as you normally would. Notice the softness and shininess are back. The knots in my hair disappear and my hair looks healthy again.

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7 thoughts on “Hair Care: Coconut Oil

  1. I’ve recently tried this egg yolk and lemon hair treatment which was suppose to help with hair loss and make them shiny and more manageable… Disaster! I ended up having to pick out scrambled eggs and dried bits stuck in my hair. I will definitely have to try the coconut oil, I’m sure it will beat eggs any day.


    • Haha that does sound like a disaster. This is just oily/moisturizing. Be sure to wash it off with your shampoo twice. Once will only get a fraction of it off. I’ve learned the hard way!


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