OOTD: Snowy Winter Outfit

The Outfit:IMG_1300

I wasn’t sure if I should title this blog post as Snowy or ICY. On the East Coast, the majority of where you step outside is covered in slippery ice. For today’s outfit, think warm layers and snow boots. It’s all about survival in this harsh winter weather.

In the future, I will post full body photos of myself in the outfit. For Instagram, I normally would use my full length mirror in my room, but for blog posts, I think it is more appropriate to take nicer pictures outside. The lighting in my room just makes everything look yellow-er. That is just another reason why I can’t wait for warmer weather. For now, I will do outfit layouts. I hope you don’t mind!

Onto the outfit… Whenever I wear leggings, I always make sure one of my layers covers my butt, with either a long shirt, sweater, etc. There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing leggings. Think of your outfit with leggings like this — If you remove your leggings, can your remaining clothes allow you to still go out in public? If the answer is no, then get it together. Obviously, this is a fashion pet peeve of mine. This is why I chose the long, black & white, striped top to layer underneath the loose fitting, red sweatshirt — comfortable layers.

The Accessories:

To go along with the theme of red, black and white, I threw on a plaid patterned scarf. Not only is this fashionable, it provides a layer of warmth. (Omg I just had an idea to post all the ways I wear/tie my scarves.. for the future!) The scarf is just thick enough.

I know what you’re thinking. Why those funky socks? Well, I only chose these because I like for the white tops of the socks to be peeking out of the boots. Having any socks peek out of taller boots is a cute little detail that can tie an outfit together.

I chose to wear boots that would protect me from any wetness and slippage. Snow boots are the best choice for this type of weather. Wearing snow boots made it much easier to walk in the snowy/icy streets. They are awesome and I’ve gotten several compliments on them.

I’ve been wearing this bag lately because it is water resistant and comfortable to carry. The bag’s color follows the overall theme of reds. And the handle also matches the brown in the boots.

Wherever you may be, stay warm this winter.

Le Pliage Medium Handbag
Burberry Check Scarf

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