Nails: Hearts and Polka Dots

Welcome to my Valentine’s Day Mani Series! (3/3)


Tools needed: dotting tool

This is the third and last manicure of my Valentine’s Day Series. In the previous two manicures, I painted nail looks for girls that either didn’t want heart designs or didn’t want Valentine’s Day colors. For me, the design I’m going to show you today is a girly, festive manicure that screams Valentine’s Day.

The way I see my step-by-step tutorial for this Hearts and Polka Dots manicure is that you get three versions of the manicure in one post. I think that’s pretty awesome. What I mean is that you can stop at whatever step you feel is comfortable because I go all out in the end with this design. You will see that there are three levels.

The colors I used remind me of chocolate covered strawberries with the pinks and browns. The neon pink really stands out against the chocolate brown color and I think they are the perfect match. Now let’s get started…


1. Start with a base coat to protect your natural nail bed.
2. Alternate between two colors on each nail.
3. Take your dotting tool dipped in the opposite polish and drag one side diagonally, until you’ve reached the size of the heart you want.
4. Repeat Step 3 for the other side of the heart, until the two sides meet to form a point. You should see a heart shape formed.


5. Paint as many hearts on your nail bed as you can fit.
6. Surround the hearts in polka dots. There is no rhyme or reason to this technique. Do what feels right.
1st Level: You can finish this off with a top coat and be done with it… OR


7. On the pink nails, add a brown heart to the center of the nail. You can do this with your dotting tool as well. Just make sure to utilize the middle of the nail bed for a big heart.
2nd Level: You can finish this off with a top coat and be done with it… OR

8. Surround the brown hearts with an outline of tiny polka dots to really tie this theme of hearts and polka dots together.
7. Once the manicure is done, seal the nail art design with a quick drying top coat. This will make the nail look shiny and the design last longer.
3rd Level: This is the last level to this manicure. As you can see, you have the choice to stop at any step, depending on your taste. Have fun with it!

Let me know if you try out this manicure and send a picture of it to me on Instagram with the hashtag #iidoydoyii

Thank you for checking out my Valentine’s Day Mani Series. This was really fun to do for me and I hope you found a manicure you would like to try out this Saturday for your hot date 😉

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