Tag Tuesday: “The Oldest in My Collection” Tag


I have been tagged to answer a series of questions about my makeup and beauty collection by my blogger friend Alessia, and you can see her awesome blog and answers to this tag here!

Saying a makeup product is the “oldest” in your collection kind of sounds expired and gross. So let’s go through these questions and my answers without any judgment. That would be great!


1. My oldest makeup item: My oldest makeup item is probably the Almay intense i-color smoky-i kit for brown eyes. When I first started putting makeup on, this was actually very helpful in teaching me where eyeshadows should go on what part of the eyelid. I did not understand it AT ALL. I just followed the kit. I would still use it to this day if I wanted and I still recommend it for beginners. The brown and purple look nice together and the color payoff is shear but the intensity is definitely able to be built up. I remember because I may or may not have gone overboard once or twice.



2. My oldest limited edition product: Dior 2013 Holiday Face Palette (I could only find the link with the limited edition eye shadows). Either Dior or my favorite blush in the whole entire world MAC’s Spaced Out blush. No link for that one at all unfortunately. It was probably the first makeup item I have ever successfully hit pan on. The love I have for this blush is real. I want to use it all up, but at the same time, I also want to save it. If only Mac would bring this color back, I would buy so many back ups. Because of the yellow undertone in my skin, I tend to be more attracted to peachy blushes. This is the kind of blush that livens up my face and goes with so many makeup looks. I cannot rave enough about this limited edition product. Typical of me to love a limited edition product by MAC. MAC Lollipop Lovin’ Lipstick is another one.


3. My oldest perfume: DKNY Be Delicious was my scent all throughout high school. One of my friends asked what I wanted for my Sweet Sixteen and I immediately said DKNY Be Delicious. And then again in college, we had a Secret Santa and my friend got me this perfume as well. The perfume bottle I currently have isn’t the oldest, since I finished up the one from high school. So I should say that this is the scent I have used the longest. College was only a couple years ago.


4. My oldest home scent: Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle from Bath and Body Works. Stressed out? Go into B&BW and smell this candle. All will be right with the world.



5. My oldest makeup tools: I want to say either E.L.F. or EcoTools brushes. I would recommend these as beginner brushes, especially the EcoTools, since they are really soft and easy to clean. E.L.F. brushes that are worth getting are the Contour Brush and the Powder Brush. I still use those to this day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed doing this tag. I also think you should join in on the tag, especially Chanele Edwards, A Vibrant Day, and French Vanilla and Coffee.

10 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: “The Oldest in My Collection” Tag

  1. I’ve been watching this tag go around since Annie first introduced it, and I love it. I think it’s fun because these must be items we truly love (to have held on to them so long), so it really gives an insight into our blogger friends.
    Thank you for tagging me alongside these other two awesome blogs!! I appreciate it!!

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  2. Hello lady, I’ve enjoyed your post a lot! I’m still wow-ing in front of the Dior beautiful set and I’ve just brought home a couple of candles from Bath Body Works too 🙂 Thanks for sharing your old picks and for tagging me back in the post. Lots of hugs.

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  3. Hey Joy thanks for tagging me. I have soooo many old stuff lol and I know what you mean, it does sound gross hahaha. Sounds like fun so I will do this on my personal blog (www.heychanelli.wordpress.com), rather than enterspree.com.

    P.s. my old makeup brushes look so run down, amazing how you’ve been able to keep yours in such good condition x

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    • No problem! Lol yes it sounds just a little off. Just link me to the post when you’re done. I’d love to hear your answers! I have sensitive, acne prone skin so I only use my brushes as a one time use (for face brushes) and then I clean them all when I run out. Maybe that’s why? 🙂


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