DIY: Lip Scrub

Inspired by: @michellephan

During the harsh winter months, it is understandable (and annoying) to have dryer, chapped lips. We all know it ain’t pretty. No worries because there is a DIY Lip Scrub that can help make your lips go back to normal. The lip scrub is very easy to do. Applying the lip scrub is a messy but fun experience.

IMG_1496What you’ll need:
-Olive oil
-Paper towel
-Lip Balm (for after)


You can eyeball these ingredients as long as you get the texture right.
1. Take a tablespoon of honey and put it into a small bowl.
2. Add more or less of a teaspoon of sugar.
3. Add more or less of a teaspoon of olive oil.

IMG_14984. Mix it all up.

IMG_14995. Once you have a gritty texture, you’re ready to use the lip scrub.

How to use the lip scrub:


1. With two fingers, apply the lip scrub to dry lips.
2. Rub the scrub into the lips in circular motions for a minute or so.

3. Take a wet paper towel and gently remove the scrub off your lips.
4. Take a dry paper towel to pat the lips dry.
5. Follow up with a moisturizing lip balm.

Before and After:

IMG_1424 IMG_1502

You should be left with soft, smooth lips. There are lip scrubs sold at Lush that you could buy. But how easy was this? The DIY lip scrub was only three ingredients. These are three ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen and it only took two minutes to do. Try it today!

List of Products:
Olive Oil
Lip Balm

8 thoughts on “DIY: Lip Scrub

    • You have such good questions! Honestly, I try to always make enough just for one lip scrub for myself and just wash off the excess. I believe you can store it in an airtight container, but you have to keep it in the refrigerator. I also think that you can make it scented/flavored by adding an extract of your choice (ex: vanilla extract, etc.)

      And thank you for mentioning the before and after photo. I was hesitant to put up the before photo at first, but then I realized this is what people would want to see, if it actually works!


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