The Best Addition to My Room: My Vanity


This is my vanity. It was a gift from my family along with the other new furniture in my room. I never had a place to do my makeup. I would always just stand and do my makeup at a mirror either in the hallway or somewhere with better light. This is the best addition to my room by far. I think it makes me use my makeup and have fun using it. Sometimes I find myself putting eye shadow on just to play with makeup.


This first drawer is the main drawer that is the width of the entire table. I love that it already comes with the two separations built in, making it three spacious sections. This drawer is also the entire length of table as well, meaning you can’t actually see how much space I have towards the back, since the drawer does not pull out all the way. The separations already make you somewhat organized, which I appreciate. I just added little separations of my own within the three sections to make them even more sectioned off.

I have a section for concealers, eye primers, and tinted/regular moisturizers. The second section has eye shadow palettes, everyday makeup, and powders. The third section has samples in the back, my brush roll, and my brighter, fun eyeliners.


This is the mini drawer to the left. I keep my tangle teezer, hair clip (for when I do my make up and want my hair out of my face), and some quick arm candy that I can just throw on in a hurry. Above it, I keep my perfume collection.


This is the mini drawer to the right. I keep my nicer arm candy here, my HOH statement necklace, and Pandora ring that I finally cleaned. I found that keeping it separate from my other jewelry helps it to stay cleaner longer. On top of this drawer, I keep my makeup that I am trying to use up so it is visible and well loved, along with other makeup/perfume samples.


In between the two mini drawers, I keep a box of tissues, clean makeup brushes and used makeup brushes in separate holders. I also have a coaster with a lovely picture of my niece inside it for when I have a glass while I do my makeup.

This is the view from my bedroom doorway. I could not get a full shot without showing you my mess going on on the floor in that section. I also added a chair so I could sit at the vanity table. Just in case you want to see a full shot of the entire vanity, I will have a link below. This is what I wanted for a very long time, and I am so grateful I have it.

Ikea Vanity

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