Skincare Routine: Daytime

Welcome to my Skincare Routine Series (1/2)

My daytime routine is simple — Cleanse and moisturize.


Skincare is extremely important to me. I have very sensitive skin, usually oily/combination. To top it all off, I have acne-prone skin as well. Lucky me! For years, I have tried different acne products/cleansers. I learned that having a simple routine is best for me, especially in the morning. A cleanser that has acne fighting ingredients is unnecessary because it just dries my skin out. Even when I am oily, you still need to moisturize your skin, including your eyes and lips.


1. I use a Cetaphil Cleanser because it is simple, it washes my face, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. Cleansers are only on your face for 60 seconds and if you find a cleanser you really like and it’s from the drugstore, stick with it. I am about to run out of my huge bottle of Cetaphil. I always go back to it, but for the sake of this blog, I want to try a different face cleanser once I run out.

If you have any suggestions on really good cleansers, by all means, leave a comment below. I would love to read them!


2. I use an eye gel from Ole Henriksen called Ultimate Lift Eye Gel. I don’t have dark under eye circles, but I do have natural puffiness (ever since I was a baby… a baby with eye bags!) I believe the cooling sensation you get from putting on the gel helps with the puffiness for most of the day. My under eye area always feels very moisturized when I use this product.


3. For my face, I use the Clinique Moisture Surge. See my rave review of Clinique here. I love Clinique, in case you haven’t read the previously mentioned post. Moisture Surge is the perfect name for this product. I have to start my day with a clean and properly moisturized face, whether I am putting makeup on or not. Moisture surge is very potent so a little bit goes a long way.


4. Can’t forget about the lips. I use this aloe lip balm from The Body Shop. When I was researching the best lip balms for severely dry chapped lips, the reviews for this product were very convincing that this was the winner. It was the kind of product that was always “Out of Stock.” After months of stalking it online, I finally was able to get my hands on it. I had no idea that this had exfoliating properties, but I was pleasantly surprised. I assume this is what makes the dry chapped lips disappear.

Thank you for reading my very simple Morning Skincare routine! Tomorrow I will have the nighttime routine which will have a lot more products.

27 thoughts on “Skincare Routine: Daytime

    • I love the Body Shop Lip balm. It reminds me of an upgraded version of Aquaphor with tiny exfoliating properties in it. If you didn’t like OH, you should try Kiehls Avocado eye treatment. That is my favorite and more hydrating.

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    • Thanks! I use it daily and twice a day. I keep one in the shower and one out by the sink so I don’t have to keep taking it out or putting it back in the shower. I recommend it especially if you have sensitive skin!


    • What else is worth trying from the OH line? And yes I love Clinique!

      Thank you for nominating me, Laurel 🙂 I’m gonna read your post now. I can’t wait to do this tag. It looks like a lot of fun! Just FYI, next week I’m nominating you for something too!


      • A couple of years ago I bought a kit that had the African Red Tea foaming cleanser, the Vitamin C Truth Serum, and the Sheer Transformation moisturizer – I loved all of the products (especially the moisturizer)! I also tried the power peel kit and loved it, but found that the acid fruit peel from Alba is just as good and a fraction of the price! You’re very welcome for the nomination and I am looking forward to reading your post! Also, I’m excited about my nomination next week! 🙂

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    • OMG this is exciting! You can comment on my stuff even though you’re not on wordpress. Yes, I love that lip balm. I owe it all to the people who commented like crazy on the website raving about how it cured their dry lips.


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  2. Cetaphil hands up best drugstore cleanser! I was reading this and thinking yep, yep yep.. this is what my skin is like.. its oily/combination, then on odd occasions it goes dry then it get’s sensitive when I use new products ugh! I never paid attention to Body Shops lip balm before. I’ll look out for that xx


    • YES! Omg it’s so nice to have someone understand my skin as it is very complicated. Body shop lip balm (the aloe one) is really good cos it’s also exfoliating in a way. I would pass on the Hemp.

      Cetaphil is a holy grail cleanser, but just for the blog’s sake, I went and tried Olay Foaming Cleanser for sensitive skin and it was a bad idea. What cleanser do you use/love besides Cetaphil? I am in the market!


      • I’m trying to really focus on skin/blemish clearing and sort of experimenting with cleansers. I’m also using the body shop cleanse off oil and the foreo luna device to really get a deep cleanse. Since we’re the same skin type I’m going to definitely keep a close on on ones you try too 🙂 XX


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