Get Ready with Me: The Great Gatsby/Flapper Themed Party – Hair


Get Ready with Me (3/4)

On Saturday, my friend had a Gatsby/Roaring ’20s themed birthday party at a beautiful mansion in upstate NY. This series will consist of the nails, makeup, hair, and outfit that I wore. Because my hair is very long, I decided to have it straight at the top and curly/wavy at the bottom.

Let’s Get Started!

The Hair


I start out with dry hair and spray Chi 44 Iron Guard (heat protectant) all over my locks. I brush my hair to spread the product out evenly. With my Straightener, I take a small piece of hair and wrap it in between the plates of the straightener, while turning my wrist, so it would act as a hair curling wand. And then you gently pull, as if you’re curling a ribbon with scissors. You should be left with pretty waves. I then take my Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold and run my fingers through the curls so they are not so tight looking.

Here is the finished look…


Thank you for joining me in my Get Ready with Me Series. This hair style is definitely something I would wear for a night out or a special event. It only took 15-20 minutes to do! Would you believe I did this curly hairstyle all with a Hair Straightener?

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