A New Way to Do Your Eyebrows at Home


Tools needed: tweezers and mirror, spoolie brush, brow scissors, white (or colored) eyeliner, eye makeup remover


I grew out my eyebrows so I could shape them properly at home. Here they are before I did anything with them. I’ve only had my eyebrows taken care of at a salon where I had them waxed, so I’ve never done anything else before but tweeze them on my own.





As you can see, my eyebrows are full but have long hairs and lack in shape. Here’s how to fix that!


Take your white eyeliner and mark underneath the arch where you want to eliminate the hair. Way before you do anything to remove the hair, you will already be able to imagine the eyebrow shape you will be left with. Make your adjustments now because wherever there is white eyeliner, you will remove the hair that is sitting there.


With the eye makeup remover, remove the white line from underneath the brows to reveal your work. Now we are left with a cleaner looking brow. Next, we will trim the brows.


Take your spoolie brush to brush up a section of the hair while holding brow scissors to trim any excess hair. Sometimes you will find random longer hairs than others, so just trim those off to make the hairs as even as possible. Always stop and brush your brows to its original shape to keep checking how the overall look appears.



Now you can brush your hairs down to reveal the final look. Wasn’t that easy?

I have been using this way of tweezing my eyebrows for months now. I find it very easy and I’m always happy with the results because I am the one in control of the shape and thickness. Having a stencil-like way of shaping the brows makes it a lot easier for anyone to do at home.

Are you going to try this way of doing your brows? Let me know how you do your brows in the comments below!


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