Tag Tuesday: “This or That” Tag: Beauty Edition

I was nominated by The Beautified Blogger to do the “This or That” tag. She is my awesome blogger friend who loves Essie nail polish and you can find her answers/post Here.

I was also recently nominated by Tiffany Lee Blog to do the same tag. This girl can wear the brightest, most colorful looks and still pull it off. You can find her answers/post Here.


Blush or Bronzer?
Blush is so much more fun and livens up the face.

Lip gloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick because there are so many formulas from sheer to matte that last longer without being sticky.

Eyeliner or Mascara?
Eyeliner because I wear that day or night whereas mascara is more annoying to apply for me, and I usually just wear it at night if I must. I know mascara makes the biggest difference in a makeup look but it is usually the step I tend to skip.

Foundation or Concealer?

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow?
A couple of years ago I would have said color, now I have a lot of neutral colors like the Naked Basics Palette.

Brushes or Sponges?
Brushes! But I do find that my face feels better when I use a damp Beauty Blender and foundation.


OPI or China Glaze?
OPI, especially because I use Apline Snow in my nail art like no other.

Long or Short?
Wow, years ago I would have said long. Now I think short is classic and clean.

Acrylic or Natural?
Natural. I’m blessed with nice nails 🙂

Brights or Darks?
Brights all the way! Darks look really funny on me. It doesn’t suit me or my personality.


Perfume or Body Spray?

Lotion or Body Butter?
Body Butter is more luxurious, especially for nighttime.

Body Wash or Soap?
Body Wash is more fun to buy and use.

Lush or Other Bath Store?
I try not to get sucked into Lush’s awesomeness. I would say The Body Shop is my “bath store.”


Jeans or Sweatpants?
Jeans. I don’t like wearing sweatpants in public.

Long Sleeved or Short?
Short sleeved shirts and I can layer on top of them or wear them alone.

Dresses or Skirts?
Dresses are so cute and easy to just throw on in the summer and you instantly look pulled together.

Stripes or Plaid?
Stripes. I can’t pull off plaid without looking like a lumberjack.

Flip Flops or Sandals?
Sperrys! Okay, Sandals. I use flip-flops around the house.

Scarves or Hats?
Scarves! I love new ways to tie scarves.

Studs or Dangly Earrings?
Studs can be dressed up or down.

Necklaces or Bracelets?
Necklaces, I can’t wait to wear plain tees and statement necklaces for Spring.


Curly or Straight?

Bun or Ponytail?
A high Pony means high fashion.

Long or Short?
LONG. I love long hair.

Light or Dark?
Dark, I’ve never dyed my hair in my entire life… That’s right.

Side Swept or Full Bangs?
Side Swept. Very few people can pull off full.

Up or Down?
Let your hair down!

I would like to tag: This was a quick and fun tag to do. I tag YOU to do this. Have fun with it and let me know in the comments if you end up posting it!

11 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: “This or That” Tag: Beauty Edition

  1. I’m the same with dark nail colours, just can’t pull it off. It’s the same with dark lipsticks, so jel of people that can look stunning in dark lip colours. P.s. Mascara all the way chick! haha x


    • Seriously. Dark nails just don’t go with me and my look for some reason. So I could never be completely “edgy” with my nails. I don’t mind though. I like color too much anyway!

      I agree. I put mascara on and I got compliments on my appearance and it was the only thing I changed. So yes, I should put mascara on! It’s just so messy for my little lashes!


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