What’s in My Handbag?

Let’s begin this post with the bag:


I’ve been wearing this bag lately because it is water resistant and comfortable to carry. It has a lot of space for a medium bag with one zip. Now let’s see what’s inside…

I always enjoyed watching the YouTube videos titled, “What’s in My Bag?” Beauty gurus still do these videos to this day, but I never thought that I would ever do this tag/post in any shape or form. Just so you know, I did not clean out my bag beforehand. This is how my bag normally is.

Before I leave the house, I name the essentials in my head: Keys, Money, Cellphone, Lip Gloss. Yes, Lip gloss is an essential. If I could, I would only bring these four items around. I could not include my phone in the picture, because I was taking the pictures with it!


The lip gloss is my second tube from MAC Cosmetics, Full of Grace. I like it because it’s a tinted lip balm/gloss with SPF. I just love my multipurpose products. The Coach wallet is my favorite little wallet. I used three of them throughout college up to now. This is my brown wallet with the Coach signature. I also have a plain camel colored one and a lilac colored one. I switch them around depending on the season. The Disney key-chain was a high school gift and it’s always been the star of my keys/key-chain.IMG_1873

I’m the kind of girl that needs snacks at all times, especially in my bag. I have little candies from restaurants, two types of cough drops, water, and a huge fig bar. This is actually a healthier snack than I’m used to seeing in here. That’s probably why it hasn’t been eaten yet!IMG_1874

The next item, a knit headband, is a winter essential if you want to be warm and stylish at the same time. This was one of my Christmas gifts and it is from Francesca’s Collection. I put this on my head as if it is a headband, but I let it cover my ears to keep me warm.


The miscellaneous bunch is right here. I have some wet naps, a tiny flashlight + battery, a Sephora mirror, and a bag hanger. The bag hanger is something I used to use all the time. You just put that flat metal part on a table and put your bag on the hook that will hang below the table. It is pretty useful. I should use it more often. Your bag won’t get dirty and you won’t have to put it on your seat or even worse, the floor. The Sephora mirror is from my first ever Sephora gift card a few years ago. The mirror comes with the card.


Now onto the fun stuff… Products!

I have a small pot of MAC cosmetics lipstick in Lollipop Lovin. It was my favorite lipstick and it is limited edition, but I still have this much remaining and I am trying to finish it up before it goes bad. I have a Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in the scent I Love Bling. I believe it smells like rock candy. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets are awesome. They are so small, they fit in every bag, and are great for a quick touch up for the face. I have another lip balm, Burt’s Bees, but this one has no color and isn’t glossy. It smells like mango. Last but not least, I always have a face moisturizer, Cliniqueon hand because you never know when you will get a random dry patch on your skin.

What’s the most random thing inside your handbag? I’d love to know. Leave a comment!

24 thoughts on “What’s in My Handbag?

  1. Your Longchamp is so cute! I’ve been toying with getting one – my friend has a sleek all black one that I like, but I’m worried I’ll just lose stuff in there since it’s so roomy and not too structured.
    That’s so cute that you carry around a purse hook. I have one of those but I never carry it with me – duh!


    • Thank you! I love this bag especially when it’s raining. I don’t have to worry about anything getting ruined. I do understand what you mean about it not being structured. Sometimes, looking for my keys takes a minute! Other than that it is a great bag and the perfect size for me.

      I love that my bag hook, has a bag at the end lol


  2. That’s a great bag! I loved it for everyday, probably a little too much since I beat it to death. I had it in black, but I’d definitely do red if I were to get it again 🙂


  3. Lip gloss is TOTALLY an essential. I’ve always heard that you should never leave home without MILK – money, ID, lip gloss, keys.

    And I love all the loose restaurant candies. I always seem to have a couple of those floating around too!

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  4. I love this post. My handbag is a complete mess, can never find anything in there. Never heard of a bag hanger but it looks like it would be so useful. Also are those oil control sheets any good? Been trying to find one for a while but can’t find one I like.


    • Thank you lovely! I should really use that bag hanger more often. The Clean&clear oil control sheets are the holy grail of oil blotting sheets. I have tried the paper ones (Boscia), and if you’re really oily, they kind of just mess up your makeup. These won’t! I feel like these are the OG blotting sheets. Have been around for years and years!


  5. What a perfect color for a Pliage! I kinda want a bilberry (dark purple) for myself but haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t think there’s anything too weird in my handbag at the moment…


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