Maiko Skincare and Glam with Sam nominated me to do the challenge and you can see Maiko Skincare’s cute/funny picture here. She has an amazing skincare blog that makes me want to know more about my skin. I learn so much. Check it out!

Glam with Sam has great reviews on the newest/unique makeup products. Be sure to check out her blog as well!

20 Beautiful Women Challenge is..

After you’re nominated, pick a recent(ish) picture of yourself and share it with a little story about why you choose that particular photo. Then it is your turn to make twenty pretty ladies happy by nominating them!




I decided to have my most recent birthday with my friends to go on a zip-line, but before they got to do that, they had to do two obstacle ropes courses first. I make my friends work for it! In this picture, I am actually terrified, but the thought of looking bad in a picture is worse to me than the fear of falling 30-40 feet.

I would like to nominate:

1. Always, Bree

2. Chantal and Shekinah

3. A Vibrant Day

4.  French Vanilla and Coffee

5. Pink Running Kicks

6. With All My Affection

7. Hollxme

8. Naomi in Wonderland

9. Lauren Pickens

10. Living Disrobed

11. Confection Infection

12. Signature Sara

13. Megan has OCD

14. Beauty Bits by Christina

15. Well Thought Out Twinkles

16. Mommy Talk

17. British Girl in Canada World

18. Brandixbeauty

19. Trying Everything Once

20. Brought to You by, Hannah

No worries if you were already nominated 🙂

18 thoughts on “#20BeautifulWomenChallenge

  1. Wow you’re so brave I will never be able to do that..!
    Thanks for the mention of my blog ❤ Have a great week, Joy 🙂


    • I think the reason I was so brave on the zip line is because that was the easy part. The part before it, you had to either jump across from one board to another with only a harness holding you if you fall. So the zip line was my relaxation time after the ropes course. Both were fun though! Have a great week!


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