HAUL: Julie G Nail Polish Collection


Julie G is a beauty guru on YouTube and she does truly amazing nail art. Just look at her tutorials. Fortunately, she became successful in creating a nail polish line called JulieG Nails and you can see her nail polishes sold at Rite Aid. Otherwise, you can order from JessesGirlCosmetics.com


From L to R:
White Orchid (true white)
Sound the Alarm (orange-red)
Black Sheep (shiny black)

I had been watching her for a while and I saw someone post that there was a deal for a bunch of her most popular nail colors on Groupon. Everything on Groupon comes at a discounted price, so I decided to click. This was the deal:  9 popular JulieG Nail colors for $16.99! (Regularly, they are $3.99 each.) It was too good of a deal to pass up and since nail polish isn’t makeup, I could buy it!


From L to R:
9 to 5 (peach)
Kickin It (ocean-blue frost with green duochrome)
Fierce and Fab (matte purple neon)

I’ll do swatches of each color soon, probably scattered throughout the Mani Mondays, but I will try as much as possible to incorporate these lovely colors into my designs. I already used White Orchid and it is beautiful. I am a true OPI Alpine Snow fan, and I use it in all my manicures, but lately it has gotten streaky. And I find myself layering on 2 to 3 coats. I’m so happy I have a new and fresh bottle of white nail polish that only needs one coat to get it to be opaque. I have never seen a white nail polish that works as well as this!


From L to R:
Cabana Boy (cobalt)
Bikini (matte salmon-pink neon)
Oh Em Gee (matte hot-pink neon)

I would find myself wanting to paint my nails thinking, “Oh, I’ll just wait for my new nail polishes to come in!” (little did I know) When you order anything that has to be delivered from Groupon, just be prepared to wait. A long time…
Ordered: Feb 17
Shipped: Feb 27 (10 days after ordering)
Delivered: March 6 (1 week after shipping, depending on where you live of course)

A total of 2 weeks and 3 days. Other than the slowest service ever, so far, I am glad I got these opaque on one coat nail polishes.

Have you ever wanted to try Julie G nail polishes? Have you seen them in RiteAid?

32 thoughts on “HAUL: Julie G Nail Polish Collection

  1. Haha, 2 weeks shipping is NORMAL for us Canadians! I’m always so jealous when people say they receive orders the next day, that’s nuts!
    We also don’t have access to this brand, unfortunately – I always see reviews and I watch JulieG’s channel so I am teased with these nail polishes all the time.
    From your 9, I like Bikini, Fierce and Fab, and Sound the Alarm.
    Can’t wait to see nail art / swatches of these!

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  2. Holy Hannah! I didn’t know that she was a YouTuber! I just thought it was another line from Jesse’s Girl! I LOVE her polish! It’s inexpensive and lasts forever. I just order the Candy Shop collection from the Jesse’s Girl website. Can’t wait to play!! Thanks for filling me in! Enjoy your new goodies!!

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  3. I am with you on the logic that you can buy nail polish since it’s not makeup :)..looking forward to all the creative manis you come up with, with all these new colors! I’m a neutral mani girl..if I could get them to last all month I would! Any recommendations for good long lasting top coats?

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    • Thank you! Someone that agrees with me πŸ™‚ They are sitting on my drawers and I am ready to feel inspired for new manis! Neutrals are so classy. I’m actually rocking a neutral mani right now. It feels weird to not have a design on it. I have a post on the current top coat I’m using. It is Butter London Top coat. And the one I used to use was the Seche Vite Top Coat — amazing but dries out fast.


      • I haven’t tried the Butter London top coat..just their polish; I’ll have to check out your post. Thank you for the suggestion! Seche Vite doesn’t work for me for some reason although everyone seems to love it!


      • Have you ever done those marble effect nail art? If you can even call that nail art… I tried it once and it was so messy D: lol


      • I feel like I’ve attempted it one and you’re right, it is a big old mess! So I guess I can say I never successfully did the marble effect nail art! I really like having the control to paint what I want on my nails and that just does whatever it wants!

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  4. These look amazing!!! Cabana Boy and Bikini look gorgeous! I’ve never tried Julie G., but it’s good to know about White Orchid I have horrid luck with white polish, so the next time I need one I’m going to try this one!

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