Hair Review: Coconut Oil Spray


I really love using Coconut Oil as a nighttime hair treatment to make my dead ends look not so dead. I always want soft and smooth hair from root to tip. I decided to use this coconut oil spray.

The packaging is a small cute bottle with a spray nozzle on top and the wording on the packaging is simple yet bold. I thought, why not try this coconut oil in the form of a spray, so it will be easier for me?

Here are my thoughts…

I used it for a couple of days and ended up having to stop because it broke me out on the sides of my cheeks. But while I was using it, I thought that it was the easiest way to apply coconut oil treatment to your hair. It truly is quick and easy. After coming out of the shower, just spray this on the tips of your hair while your hair is damp, not wet. At least towel dry your hair before using this product. Comb the product throughout your hair. You can even use it on dry hair that just needs a little boost of shine or if you tend to have fly-aways.

I noticed that my hair looked and felt slightly healthier and shinier. No huge changes in texture, but I could tell the difference between the drier dead ends and the easier to comb through healthy ends. The smell was pleasant. It smells exactly like a light version of coconut oil.

I believe that it broke me out when the hair that had the coconut oil sprayed on it went onto my pillow and my face touches every part of the pillow while I sleep. Therefore, I would not purchase or use this product ever again because it broke me out. Otherwise, I liked what it did for my hair.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist

Have you tried this hair product? What are your thoughts on it?

27 thoughts on “Hair Review: Coconut Oil Spray

  1. Oh that’s too bad it broke you out. That’s one “side effect” / consideration that a lot of people don’t think about when they have break outs – it could possibly be caused by your hair product!
    I’ve not tried this product and likely won’t, I always worry about stuff breaking me out! But I am curious about the benefits of coconut oil for the hair. I read in that book I posted (“Can you get hooked on lip balm”) that coconut oil and olive oil are the only oils shown to be able to penetrate the hair and strengthen it!

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    • It sucked that it broke me out because they were actually making my hair look nicer. But I don’t miss it or need it that bad! Interesting that coconut/olive oil can penetrate the hair! I’m glad my coconut oil treatment once a week really is working πŸ™‚


  2. That looks like a brilliant product, but yes, that side effect would be a total dealbreaker! I keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom but it can be such a pain to use. (By the way, I love the orange RM in your pic top right!)

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    • Definitely a deal breaker. I use coconut oil, but make sure it is solid first. It’s much easier to use. Once you scoop it out onto your hand, it instantly melts so just slather it on the ends of your hair. I have a post on it if you want to check it out. And thank you for noticing my RM! I like meeting RM fans. We are rare! Lol it’s actually the camel or cognac colored one, maybe it’s the sun making it look orange.


  3. I might try this! I have been looking to get something as a conditioner for my hair when i sleep type deal. I will definetely look for this now! Too bad about the breakout though. 😦


  4. Ugh, I hate when hair products do bad things to your skin! Whenever I try something new in my hair, I’m always on the look out for a blemish popping up!


  5. Have you tried Marc Anthony’s Argan Oil for hair? Its a squirt bottle and you can just rub between your hands before you apply on your hair ends. Didnt break me out. πŸ™‚ In fact I have a review on it. 😊


  6. Ooh great review on this product! I’ve tried their coconut milk anti-breakage serum! Does the trick with the ends of my hair, leaves it soft when my hair dries. I only use it once a week as I have other products that I currently use but main purposes for detangling. But I apply a small pea amount on my hand, rub together and apply it to the ends mostly and whatever product I have left over, I just use it on my hair from my ear down. πŸ™‚


    • 100% Coconut oil does not break me out and I use it as a hair treatment every 2 weeks for my ends when they look dry. This spray was good, but not that good since it made me break out.


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