Tag Tuesday: Beautiful Blogger Award

Chantal and Shekinah nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. How sweet 🙂 Thank you! Click the link to see her award(s) post.

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Manicure Monday: Zoya Caitlin

Tools needed: NONE!

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Follow Me!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend was filled with a balance of fun and sleep.


I just wanted to make a post to show you guys I have a Facebook Page for my blog, Styled with Joy.


You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. My Twitter handle is @iidoydoyii. I will gladly follow back, especially my readers that I already know on WordPress 🙂

Did you follow me? Let me know in the comments below, so I’ll be sure to follow back!


Maiko Skincare and Glam with Sam nominated me to do the challenge and you can see Maiko Skincare’s cute/funny picture here. She has an amazing skincare blog that makes me want to know more about my skin. I learn so much. Check it out!

Glam with Sam has great reviews on the newest/unique makeup products. Be sure to check out her blog as well!

20 Beautiful Women Challenge is..

After you’re nominated, pick a recent(ish) picture of yourself and share it with a little story about why you choose that particular photo. Then it is your turn to make twenty pretty ladies happy by nominating them!


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