NEW: March Favorites | 2015


Monthly Favorites is new to my blog. I will try as much as possible to post my Favorites of the month, but I can’t always guarantee them. For me, I don’t change things up too often, so you’d see the same favorites every month until you’d see it in my Empties.

Let’s get started!


Beauty Blender – Color: Pink, the original –  The Beauty Blender is the sponge tip applicator that most people are hesitant to buy. If you’re a brush girl, like myself, I would have agreed with you. But I bought it, tried it out, and loved it. It took me a few months to really get into using it because I thought that the more I use it, the more I have to take care of it and wash it. Now I have two BBs and the BB solid cleanser, and it’s not a big deal. You just need to make the BB wet, squeeze it out (use paper towel to squeeze even more excess water out) and you’re ready to use it. With bouncing and/or rolling motions, you can use the bigger end for applying a layer of sheer to full coverage foundation, while the smaller end is perfect for applying concealer flawlessly. That smaller end has a tip that fits perfectly underneath the eye area. Sometimes I wish I had a thousand of these BBs.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Color: Istanbul – Soft Matte Lip creams are the reason why I respect matte lip colors. Ever since I first started makeup, I was always into the shimmery/sparkly lip products. As long as it had shimmer, it was in my collection. Trying this out for the first time many years ago has changed the way I see matte lip products. As long as you learn to exfoliate before applying a matte lipstick, then it’s hard not to have a lovely application. Istanbul is described as a “clean pink” on the website. I am almost finished with the tube and can’t wait to get more shades (in December 2015 of course)


L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation – I’m glad I randomly picked this up! After running out of my Revlon Photoready liquid foundation, I turned to another drugstore foundation. True Match has the most natural finish I have ever seen for my skin. It makes you look flawless and it is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I do wish it had a pump, its only flaw. I also like that you are able to pick your undertone (Warm, Neutral, or Cool.) Due to the yellow undertones in my skin, I picked Warm. Applied with your fingers, makeup brush or BB, the finish is always natural.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – This drugstore concealer is comparable to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and it is a fraction of the price. I first heard of this concealer because of @MakeupGeekTV. She raved about how it was great for under your eyes as well as blemishes. I agree and I am so happy I tried it out. It goes on really opaque, yet it is easy to blend out. You can sheer it out by blending or just blend the edges for more coverage.


L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche® – Color: Blushing Harmony – This is a natural shade for me. It’s practically an MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. I love that it truly isn’t sticky, but it is glossy and smooth. I always find myself reaching for this in my vanity. I usually just wear it alone because it really is easy to throw on and go. This lip gloss is in my everyday makeup drawer, and that says something!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first ever Favorites post.

What were your favorites for the month of March? 

23 thoughts on “NEW: March Favorites | 2015

  1. The BeautyBlender is one of my March faves, too! I can’t believe it took me until this year to try it. The NYX Matte Lip Cream looks awesome, I must have it. L’Oréal True Match is one of my faves! It does have a tendency to oil up on me (even though I have dry skin) but I love the finish, too. I use W3 in the summer when I’m tanner. I should probably check out W2 for cooler months.

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    • It takes everyone a while to get used to using the BeautyBlender, but once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the best tools for makeup application. It’s strange that the L’Oreal True Match oils up on your dry skin! I have oily skin and I just have regular oily people problems especially in the warmer months. W4 is literally my skin color. I have gotten compliments of how flawless the foundation looks, that it looks like skin. SO happy I randomly picked this out one day. I didn’t even need a new foundation!

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  2. A thousand BB would just run you $13,000 if you do the 2 for $26 pack deal. You could buy an Hermes Birkin bag for that price! Just putting that into perspective..
    I need to re-try that L’Oreal True Match foundation – I used it ages ago and found that it rubbed off and disappeared off my face by midday. Maybe they improved the formula? I still don’t like the packaging though… it’s a really runny formula and the mouth of that bottle is really wide. Why not a squeeze tube or a pump, L’Oreal?!
    Thanks for sharing your favourites for March!


    • Okay, maybe I don’t need a thousand. Two is enough for now 😉
      Yes! I had the same feelings towards the foundation. I didn’t like it and was mad I got it. Then I re-tried it to find that it was a great match and formula. I really think it was because my skin had changed. The packaging is the flaw. I need a pump! It gets a little messy and I end up leaving the house with dried foundation on the back of my hand. Not a cute look.

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  3. Love L’Oreal True Match! It has an amazing coverage and finish. The one I have has a pump though… got it from Amazon, maybe you could check them out there for one? 🙂 Heard great things about the Fit Me concealer and the beauty blender too!


    • I always get confused that some have a pump. I thought it was just a European thing when I watched my British youtubers and they magically had pumps. I want a pump! It’s so darn messy/annoying, but the finish is worth it to me.

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