How I Take Care of My Nails


Lovely bloggers have complimented me on my nail beds when I do Mani Mondays, and it made me want to write a post on how I take care of my nails. I am blessed with my Mama’s strong nail beds so the only time I chip a nail is if I really banged it onto something. I do get some peeling but I have learned how to prevent that. I make sure to moisturize my cuticle area and shape my nails before any nail polish application. I want my nails to look nice and healthy with or without nail polish.



I used to just cut my nails with a regular nail cutter. Then I realized that I have been shaping my nails into more of a straight edge. So I thought why not just start off with a straight edge nail cutter to make my life easier? I cut my nails with this straight edge nail cutter that I found on Amazon. It claims to be for your toes because it’s bigger than a regular sized nail trimmer, but it’s completely fine and comfortable to use on your finger nails. Tip: Remember to cut your nails right after taking a shower or a bath because the nail beds are at their softest and will be the easiest to cut.


Take your emery boards/nail files out and start to even out the edge of the nail. I feel like this is self explanatory. Basically, you want to take a step back every few strokes to make sure you are not making the appearance of the nail crooked. That’s the last thing you want. Tip: Make the motion of your nail file only in one direction to prevent peeling or chipping of the nail in the future.


Right after these two steps, I take my Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and take a generous amount and slather it all over each cuticle, making sure to massage the product into it. Any leftover product is put on the actual nail bed. I usually do these steps at night when I am done touching things because the cuticle cream can get a little messy if you tend to go overboard with it like I do. At this point, I would literally take my thumb nail and gently push back the cuticles to reveal healthy nails. Tip: Picked up a little too much cuticle cream? Spread the excess onto your toenails/cuticles. They need some love, too.


Next step is to use a moisturizing hand cream and you are good to go! Tip: Even using a body lotion that has AHA can help to make the skin on your hands smooth and you won’t need a special hand cream.

The next steps can be found in my Base Coat and Top Coat post. In the post, I teach you how to make your manicure last long. I find doing my nails to be a moment of quick pampering and I hope you do, too (whether you do it yourself or get them done at a salon.) Bonus Tip: I only wear nail polish at a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 10 days. 10 days is pushing it, as I only shoot for 7 days max.  Let your nails breathe in between manicures.

I hope that these tips and tricks have helped you in making your nails look and feel as nice as they can be. If you have any questions feel free to ask me below in the comment section! 

18 thoughts on “How I Take Care of My Nails

  1. Terrific tips! (Haha pun intended)
    Oops I never let my nails “breath”… And I’m terrible at remembering to put on cuticle creams. I have that Burts Bees lemon butter somewhere…
    Thanks for this post – very helpful, and your nails do looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like to do my manicure at home too, and I’ve just found a wonderful tool as well, thanks to which my nails are now as shiny as if they were ‘salon-fresh’. It’s the nail buffer. Do you ever use it? I’d like to try that cuticles cream too, as mine is running low now…would you recommend it?


    • I used to use an electronic nail buffer at home. I don’t have it anymore. I just stick to what you see up in this post now. Simpler. Yes, I definitely recommend the lemon butter cuticle cream. It really moisturizes the cuticle area and even helps you to push the cuticles back if you want. Awesome stuff!


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