3 Dotting Tool Alternatives You Already Have


I’m just going to jump right into the post!

Dotting Tool – A classic dotting tool is the easiest way to dot, but not the easiest to find. Luckily, I got this as part of a birthday gift when I first started getting into nail art. Dotting tools come in various sizes.

Paper Clip or Toothpick – Toothpicks are something you either have lying around the house or you have some from a restaurant. Either way, this toothpick will give you the tiniest of dots. Since I could not find my toothpicks, I opted for a paper clip and it works just as great as a toothpick would. Slowly bend the end that sticks out to form a straight line.


Mechanical Pencil – Who doesn’t have a mechanical pencil? And I say mechanical instead of the sharpened up pencils because of its thickness. (Fact: When I didn’t own dotting tools, this was my tool of choice.) If you know how to write, just translate “writing dots” onto your nails instead of a piece of paper. Easy!

Bobby Pin – You either have a bunch of bobby pins you never use or only have one because you lost the rest. Bobby pins make for medium sized dots, but dots are harder to perfect due to the shape of its tip.

This is what each tool’s dots look like:


I hope this post encourages you to start painting designs on your nails using tools you already have at home. Do you have another idea for a dotting tool alternative?

31 thoughts on “3 Dotting Tool Alternatives You Already Have

  1. So helpful and such a great follow up to your dotticure! I only have a double ended dotting tool, so it’s good to know I can use other things to achieve different kinds of dots! So cool!

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  2. Haha, cute post! I would use the paper clip, as I always have a bent one around for when an old Mac needs force rebooting, or a disc is stuck in the drive (how old is my stuff?!). I needed one recently to reboot the modem, too.


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