HAIR: Easy Waves for Morning


I have straight hair and it takes time and patience to curl. This is an easy and quick way to achieve those beachy waves.

Right before bed:

At night, when I’m done with my nighttime routine, I put my hair into a twisted bun on the top of my head. This won’t bother you when you sleep as long as it’s not too tight or it will hurt, as well as be annoying. In addition, the hair tie will leave a noticeable bump in your hair. Keep it relatively loose!

The next morning:

I let my hair down and I am left with waves in my hair. If I feel my hair style will not survive without product, I would then follow up with a hairspray such as Elnett hairspray so the hair is still natural to the touch. (This day I went hair product free… and makeup free, too.)

Do you do this trick too? Let me know!

14 thoughts on “HAIR: Easy Waves for Morning

    • My hair is super long and I love it! I want to make it really long so I can donate it and you need minimum of 10 inches. I hate when my hair is short.

      So you have to wash your hair everyday?

      I only do this when it’s not oily at all. And for days when it is, i use my Batiste dry shampoo. It’s the best for a quick fix!

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      • In the winter I try to reduce it, but my hair just gets so limp. I’ve been skipping Sunday hair washing and using dry shampoo (CoLab brand) but I really dislike 2nd day hair. I never feel as fresh without my hair washed!
        My hair is just past my shoulders now and I’m ITCHING to get it chopped off to chin length…


      • At least you skip a day. It’s hard to not wash your hair and skip especially if your hair is used to everyday.

        It’s just when my hair is short, it’s so much harder to maintain and you’d think it would be opposite.

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