Spring Fashion Series | Floral & Stripes

Welcome to my Spring Fashion Ideas Series (1/5)

Floral and Stripes — Flirty, Fresh


Special thanks to my friend for taking this picture when we were heading to a Food Festival for our friend’s birthday.

I used to be one to never mix patterns, but I have learned that as long as the patterns are either similar but in different sizes or share a color, it will work. Black and white goes with every color of the rainbow, and we needed some color for our Spring outfit — I opted for a lively floral scarf. That day was sunny yet chilly, since we were right by the water. A scarf was definitely needed!

I threw on my leather jacket instead of my pea coat and was so happy to be in lighter layers than usual. My shoes matched my jacket helping to tie the look together from head to toe. It’s hard to see but I was wearing long, dangling gold arrows for earrings. I decided not to do anymore accessories as I knew I would be eating all day and didn’t want to be bothered with bracelets and rings. I had so much yummy food that I skipped dinner, and that never happens.

Top: Gap | Jeans: Delias | Scarf: gift | Leather Jacket: Guess | Shoes: Bebe Sport | Gold Earrings: gift | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I hope you enjoy my new Spring Series! Do you wear floral and stripes?

30 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Series | Floral & Stripes

  1. It sounds like it was a fun day! And, you selected a perfect outfit for running around a food festival in style! I’m with you. Matching up contrasting patterns can be a fun and rewarding challenge. I love this trend!


  2. I love florals and stripes together, but haven’t really done it myself, as I don’t have too many floral prints. More of a stripes and solids person! You look so cute and that is one awesome backdrop.


    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I don’t have many floral prints in tops. Just a few scarves and maybe a skirt or two! I tried to be a solids person but I just love color so much. I feel like I need more lol I am getting into being a striped person, especially when Gap had their holiday sale, I got so many striped tops and I posted the haul on Instagram.

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  3. I would totally rock this outfit. I like those shoes a lot!
    What was at the food festival? What did you consume?
    If I was going to a food festival, I may have opted for elasticized pants… 😉


    • Awesome 🙂 Thanks! The shoes matched my jacket and were comfortable to run around in.

      OMG do you have time to hear what I ate? I had a plan to never be hungry, even if I was waiting on a line — My friends understand this about me. Here we go…
      I had an Asiadog hot dog, red velvet cake, lobster roll, elote or corn with mayo cheese and chili, Mofon Go (fried plantain-based dish from Puerto Rico), Ramen burger, Pink Limeade with Chia, a Crispy rice krispy ice cream sandwich, and Bite Me mini Cheesecakes.

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      • Uh yes, I always have time to listen to what you ate and OMG… all of that sounds SO good. What the heck is a ramen burger?!! And Rice crispy ice cream sandwich?!!
        That is a SOLID plan: to never be hungry even waiting in line, lol!
        Our city has an annual summer fair (called CNE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_National_Exhibition) and it’s SERIOUS eating there! They debute tons of “concept” foods and my bf and I basically gorge ourselves silly for the day. It’s totally worth it. Last year I had this Nutella banana split thing. DROOL.
        Thanks for sharing! 😀


      • Nutella fries?! What’s that! Ribfest?! Sounds really good. A ramen burger (a burger held between two ramen “buns”) has been hyped up for years that when I actually got to try the real thing, (I’ve had knock off versions) it was quite underwhelming. The ice cream sandwich was a different story. First of all, huge. Second of all, the delicious ice cream was held in between two thinly sliced circles of rice crispy goodness. I want to try others! It was the perfect ending to my many meals.

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      • I’ve got more of a sweet tooth so that ice cream sandwich sounds like my jam!
        I didn’t try the Nutella fries but my friend did and she said it was delish. Yes they have Ribfest every year but we never attend because I don’t really care for ribs.
        Two years ago it was all about bacon and I had this peanut butter smoothie with bacon bits, omg yum.
        Ok, enough talk of food, this is a beauty and fashion blog, lol!


  4. Love this look! All of the shades are brown are lovely and the pop of color with the scarf is great! I’ve worn floral and stripes in the past with a striped shirt and floral scarf!! I love the subtle contrast of the patterns!


    • Thank you Marika! Omg that’s exactly what I did when Delias had a super sale since they were closing. I wish they hadn’t run out of my size in black and white jeans. But of course, I got all skinny jeans in the style Morgan. Morgan is my girl! They last for years and years 🙂

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