Lip Care Review: Oral Labs Lip Naturals Lip Balm


Oral Labs Lip Naturals is my current everyday lip balm, and I intend to use it all up. The Packaging is a (.10 oz or 3 g) miniature, wide version of the regular chap-stick that I got as a sample from my dentist. In order to get product out, you have to push the bottom up with your finger. Don’t worry if you push out too much, it’s easy to push the product back down again. The price is something I can’t find easily because it’s only sold in these stores. I did find a six pack of minis for $17.99 on ebay. The formula has SPF 15. It’s a white, solid lip balm that glides smoothly on the lips.

My thoughts

Once you open it, you can get a whiff of the faint smell of it being minty. Since it’s a mini sample, I don’t mind having to use my finger to push up to dispense product. The lip balm is wider than an average one which makes it easier to slap on quickly. When applied, it goes on smoothly and feels waxy; as if there is a protective layer on your lips. In addition, it has a minty sensation. I love that it has SPF 15 so I can wear this outside without having to worry about my lips getting sunburned. I have washed my face with this on and noticed that I also had to wash my lips as well. The protective layer lasts. Although, if you drink and eat, of course it will come off. My only downside to this lip balm is that  I can taste the minty flavor from my lips as I’m drinking water. I don’t know about you guys, but the only thing I like in my water is lemon!

Purchase? No, because if I really wanted to purchase it, I would go out of my way to find it. And I don’t find myself doing that. It’s inconvenient to search for and you will probably have to purchase it online via ebay, amazon, etc. Drugstore lip balms should be in the drugstore.

Oral Labs Lip Naturals Lip Balm Mini in Tea Tree Mint

What is your favorite lip balm?

17 thoughts on “Lip Care Review: Oral Labs Lip Naturals Lip Balm

  1. Haha, I got a couple sample lip balms from my dentist, too! I think they’re a different brand, though. I have yet to try them. It was fun picking out flavors, like picking out lollipops as a kid.

    Too bad yours aren’t more readily available!


  2. I got a couple of free lipbalms from my dentist and they were all really waxy – they’ve got the dentist’s name and contact information, I think they’re just more promotional material than anything else!
    It’s great that this has an SPF15, it used to be rare to find this high level of SPF in lip products but it’s becoming more available.
    Maybe I’m weird, but I generally do not like overly minty scent / taste in my lip products. This is one of the reasons why I don’t love the Revlon lip stains (those chubby twist up pencils) because they were minty. I prefer sweet.


    • Yes! My toothbrush has contact info on it. You are not weird — I stay away from minty lip balms because of its taste as well and I find myself needing to reapply over and over again. When I drink water, I hate the taste. I have those Revlon lip stains too and I don’t wear them that often. Maybe now I know why!

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