Spring Fashion Series | Black & White

Welcome to my Spring Fashion Ideas Series (3/5)

Black and White – Classic


Special thanks to my friend for taking this picture and editing it — After eating at Smorgasburg, (That’s right, I went again!) we also visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

When I was thinking of classic Spring looks, my mind immediately went to floral and stripes. A true classic, no matter what season it may be, is Black and White. Crisp, Contrasting, and Chic. These opposite colors are in everyone’s wardrobe whether it’s in patterns, solids or key pieces such as leggings. I find myself staying away from white because I am quite the messy one when it comes to spilling food on clothes. Is it coincidence that it’s always only on my white/cream colored clothes?

I knew I wanted to start with a white top, black bottom, and work from there. I picked out a super lightweight short sleeved sweater that has see through mesh panels on the sleeves, perfect for letting the breeze hit your arms. Black leather leggings look chic and Sperrys are just so comfortable to walk around in. I added a black and off-white vest because if you know Spring weather, it is confusing: Super sunny and windy or cloudy with a chance of sun — I just couldn’t take any chances. For accessories, I stuck with minimal jewelry: “J” necklace, small silver hoops and two silver rings. The shades really helped because the day turned out to be beautifully sunny!

Top: H&M | Leather Leggings: Matty M | Tweed Moto Style Vest: Tinley Road | Shoes: Sperrys in Angelfish | All accessories: Gift | Sunglasses: Coach | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I hope you enjoy my new Spring Series! Do you wear black and white from head to toe?

34 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Series | Black & White

  1. Hey dear! I like this photo and your look is so pretty. I love to dress in black and white. I understand you about the crazy weather,here in Italy we have the same situation. Luckily the summer is not too far ;-D


    • Thank you for the kind words. You’re awesome! I want to show why I picked the clothes I wore and if/how they work well together. The cherry blossoms had a specific section that was beautiful, so that’s what you’re seeing in the photo ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Did you wear those pants because they’re elasticized? LOL
    I wear black and white head to toe regularly – I own several blouses that are a variation on each other of white base with a black print (checkered, dots etc) which I wear with black denim or pants & shoes.
    Something like this:

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  3. Love this look so much and LOVE the Sperrys!!! I love the contrast of textures with the leggings and the tweed! Also, I 100% wear black and white from head to toe!! You look awesome!!! The tree in the picture is super pretty, as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Cute vest! Love the contrast of the tweed with the leather leggings. I’ve never tried those, are they comfortable? I feel like I’d get really hot (and sweaty).


    • Thank you Bree! They are very comfortable since it is half legging and half leather legging. Idk if you can tell in the pic on the side of the leg. If it was full leather legging, I’d get hot, but somehow I don’t sweat. It’s a gift and a curse!

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