May Empties | 2015


As often as I can, I will display my empty products of the month. These are for the month of May. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it is one of the most satisfying feelings to actually finish up a product you bought. It sometimes feels like it was worth the money.  I can’t promise doing this series every month, just because empties are a rare thing to me. I am actually really surprised that I was able to finish up five products to the very last drop. Another thing to know about empties is that I will also let you know if I would repurchase the product, now that I am out of it.

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VOTE | All Opinions Welcome!

My blog is currently a beauty and fashion blog. I was wondering if my readers would enjoy seeing cooking posts from me. I have always loved baking and I recently discovered that I’m pretty good at cooking! (Excuse me while I toot my own horn!)

Please take the poll!

I encourage you to comment below and let me know whether or not you would like to see cooking posts in addition to my regular beauty/fashion/nails posts. Thank you!