April Favorites | 2015


Monthly Favorites is new to my blog. I will try as much as possible to post my Favorites of the month, but I can’t always guarantee them. For me, I don’t change things up too often, so you’d see the same favorites every month until you’d see it in my Empties.

Let’s get started!


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – Color: Creme Brulee – Spring Lippies – When the weather started to warm up, I whipped this baby out. I always loved the formula and the color. It’s like nothing else in my collection. The formula is moisturizing and the color is a subtle wash of shimmer. I can wear this with the brightest makeup to tone down the lip area or with the most natural makeup to give me lips an extra oomph. This is so easy to apply, that you don’t need a mirror. It swipes on just as a lip balm would, and I’m a lip balm lover.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O – I have had Bioderma in my stash forever. I tried it a couple of times and wasn’t wowed by it. It did remove my makeup and was gentle. Big whoop. Fast forward to months later, I tried it again on a lazy night when I just couldn’t be bothered with getting up to go to the sink to wash my face. I used the bioderma on a cotton pad and I was amazed by the results. No irritation/breakouts, just clean skin. I was able to do my whole nighttime routine after that. I recommend it as a form of a cleanser and also as a makeup remover. I really do think my skin changed — Why do I love this product now, when before I didn’t care for it at all?

IMG_2899Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in PetalHow to use it all up – Because I gravitate towards more moisturizing formulas in lipsticks, I really liked this colored Lip Treatment. I have tried the regular lip balm and was able to try the tinted ones in Petal and Rose. Petal is by far my favorite because it is a beautiful pink color that still looks natural. It practically goes with any makeup look. Here is a photo of me wearing it.

Since I only have three favorites, do you want posts with five or more only? Is three or less okay? These honestly are the only favorites I had for the month of April. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Favorites post.

27 thoughts on “April Favorites | 2015

  1. I’m just so glad to see your post and not another repost of the MAC free lipstick giveaway, LOL. It was a SEA of reposts this morning!

    When Revlon first launched the lip butters I went a bit nuts and bought the whole collection – at one point I owned 15 of them… then I realized some shades I had no business wearing and purged some – creme brulee was one of them. My current favourite lip butter is Juicy Papaya – such a nice soft light coral shade!
    I’m with you on the moisturizing lippies – I can’t handle mattes!


    • Lol! Glad to see I relieved you from those posts! I actually like creme brulee when I want a toned down look without looking dead. Juicy papaya looks so pretty! Mattes are nice once in a while, just not an everyday staple to me 🙂

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  2. I keep discovering things in my stash that I didn’t love before but really like now. It is funny how that works. I’ve been wanting to try the Bioderma so I’m glad you reviewed this.


  3. Love creme brûlée! I used to have that one!! I have been so curious about bioderma! Never tried it, but want to! Love the Fresh brand too – I never had to buy anything by them because Sephora is always so generous with their deluxe samples!!!!


    • Creme Brulee is like no other color I have. Bioderma is great just make sure you get the one for sensitive skin! It removes makeup and/or cleanses the skin. SAME HERE with Fresh!


  4. Interesting (end) question about the Bioderma! Yes, why didn’t you like it before? ;P
    I like a product that doesn’t irritate my skin at all and this seems like a nice one. I have the Garnier micellar water which works well too.


      • I feel it’s gentle, doesn’t irritate my skin and removes all makeup well for me. I would use that and then wash with the cleanser OR facial wipe, then Garnier micellar water then cleanser lol


      • The extra steps in skincare routines are fine with me. I like to see what products works well with my skin and which don’t. But I like to take lots of care with my skin (even if I get upset when people think I look 14 or 18 years old….) 😦


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