5 Tips | How I Prevent Acne


Let’s face it. Acne is annoying. You could be doing everything right with your skincare routine and still get those pesky little bumps. This post will not have product recommendations, but I want to share the actions I have changed in my everyday routine to help prevent unnecessary bacteria/acne.

1. Can’t touch this! | I avoid touching my face. I used to touch my face without even knowing it until someone pointed it out to me. Think of all the things you touch and you’re putting that bacteria back onto your skin. The only times my hands should touch my face is when I am washing it or applying my skincare.

2. Pillow Fight! | Go out and buy a lot of pillowcases; A good amount so you don’t have to keep washing them everyday. Keep them in rotation. When I broke out all over my cheeks, I literally changed my pillowcase after one use on the top and one use on the bottom. CHANGE! Now that my acne is clearing up nicely, (Thank goodness!) I still change the pillowcase out every single week.

3. Work that up ‘do! | I tend to tie my hair up and away from my face while washing my face and especially during sleep. The oils in my hair definitely can contribute to my acne. I have noticed that is why my the perimeter of my face had pesky acne, and once I started to tie my long hair up, the acne has lessened in those areas.

4. Drink up! | H2O is your best friend. Not only is water good for your body, it helps clear your skin as well. I usually take a huge glass and fill that up with water. I try to have four of those a day (or more, if I’m really good!) and I have one during breakfast, one at lunch, one with my 4pm snack, and one during dinnertime. I usually stop drinking water around 8 or 9PM.

5. Beauty Sleep! | Out of all these tips, I really have to work on keeping this one up. I’m guilty of watching YouTubers and Netflix right before bed, keeping me awake… Bam! It’s midnight. This week I have been trying to sleep at 11-11:30PM and gradually make it earlier and earlier. The best time to sleep is 10PM for me. Any later and you can see it in my complexion.

I have noticed that these are the steps (plus my skincare routine: A & B) that have helped me prevent random acne from appearing on my face. I know how difficult it is to live with endless acne flare ups. These tips and tricks have helped me and I hope they help you, too.

Do you have any tips to add that have helped you prevent acne? Please share!

52 thoughts on “5 Tips | How I Prevent Acne

  1. 6th Tip – Dry your face with tissue instead of Towels, unless you change a fresh towel everyday and launder it in warmer water. This kept my acne at bay.
    7th Tip – know your triggers. Sometimes acne pops when you have dry skin. Hydrate and use moisturizers that works for your skin. For me my triggers include dehydration, hormonal, hygiene (I used to use towels for my face), and clogging pores (I countered this with Clarisonic). πŸ™‚

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  2. I also have same experience with you. Totally agree w every point here!! I think having yoga/mind meditation to release stress is also a way to avoid aging skin + acne but I think it wont make big difference :)))

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  3. Great tips – especially the pillowcase one! πŸ™‚ Retinol has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to acne!


  4. Thank You for this I had never though about tips 1 through 3! But thinking about it they all make sense πŸ™‚ Well done with the water this is something I am so bad at doing, really need to up my H2O game!

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  5. 😦 but I can’t stop touching my face lol especially because I wear eye glasses, I’ll push them up or there’s an itch in my eye and my nose tends to be so itchy too. I try not to do it but I can’t help it hahaha. I try to drink plenty of water!


      • I love water when I’m super thirsty or craving it but drinking it on a regular basis, yup it’s hard sometimes for me too!
        In regards to touching my face, I always try to keep my hands “clean” but forget sometimes then I feel disgusted D: haha

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  7. One thing on this list I haven’t tried is changing pillow cases. Makes sense since there’s no telling what can get on there, especially on those occasions when I just want to use a cleansing wipe and nothing else. I’m definitely one to pick at my face, but I’ve been trying really hard not to.


    • Changing pillow cases every other day while I had breakouts on my cheeks and now every week has changed my acne life! There is so much dirt and oil on that pillow that not many realize and it is just being transferred onto your face again and again, causing more breakouts.

      I’m thinking of doing another post on acne because I had a tip from my lovely comments and I feel like I should share more tips! It’s a control thing for me when I pick at my face. I have learned that I just have to cut my nails and really notice when I do it. A blemish only lasts a few days if you don’t pick at it… and almost a lifetime if you do, especially with scarring. It’s just not worth it!

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