So I Got Oil on My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac…


My mini tragedy: My favorite bag in the whole wide world is stained with oil and I don’t know how to get it out.

I just want to share this quick tip for those of you who are quick enough to react and take care of the grease/butter/oil situation. All you need is talcum powder or baby powder and a microfiber cloth. First, use a microfiber cloth to absorb the excess oil.


Second, put a generous amount of powder on the stain and  it should absorb the oil better and break it up. To remove the powder, either vacuum the powder up or with your finger, create friction and this helps speed the process along as well. Repeat as necessary.

Unfortunately, I was not quick enough with the stain and doing this while the oil stain already set is useless.

I am now trying equal parts water mixed with white vinegar, and I may have used up all the vinegar in the house. Oops! While I don’t know how well that process is working, I was wondering if you know how to remove oil stains from leather bags.

To clean this, I have inquired at many leather cleaners and the one that gave me a clear answer said that it would be $40. Ouch! It is my favorite bag. I wish Rebecca Minkoff had a leather cleaning service; it would have made my life easier and more hopeful to be able to use my bag again.

Do you know how to remove oil stains from leather bags? Please let me know!


47 thoughts on “So I Got Oil on My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac…

  1. I wouldn’t try doing it yourself. Last year my friend and I were in BBW and she dropped and shattered a fragrance oil bulb and the oil inside splattered all over me! I was wearing tall boots from Ecco and it got oil stains on them. We rushed over to the shoe / leather place and he fixed it like NEW. Honestly, it was worth the money. The risk you face is that you may remove the dye and leave a ring of faded patch. GOOD LUCK!


  2. Ahhh that sucks! So sorry that happened. I’m afraid I don’t know much about cleaning leather and such, but I hope you find the answers you need! πŸ™‚


  3. Oh no! Hopefully you get your bag fixed soon. If not, maybe consider putting a button or patch there? Something decorative to show off your personality.

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    • Thank you! That’s a good idea. It’s actually in a spot that gets covered partially by the long tassels of the zippers, which I’m thankful for. At least it’s not in a super obvious spot. My next step is to get it professionally cleaned.

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  4. Oh no!! 😦 I have heard of using cornstarch on it, but I assume that’s pretty much the same trick as what you did with the baby powder. Hope the pros can clean it up for you. Perhaps you can check the RM forum over at PurseBlog for any additional tips. Good luck!

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  5. Well that sucks 😦 hopefully you can get it out soon and it’ll look near new again πŸ™‚
    I didn’t know where to post this but your about me section doesn’t have a comment section, so I’ve nominated you Joy for the Blog Tour Award! Have you heard of it? You see it here and it was fun to do because your processes of writing and ideas, let your followers/bloggers know how you write and stuff. So that was cool πŸ™‚ xx


  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry his happened to your favorite bag! Helpful tip about the powder and I hope you are able to get the stain out in the future! I wish RM had a service similar to Longchamp where you can bring the bag to a store and they’ll send it off to be fixed free of charge.


  7. So sorry for you! But I know a tip…you should put a little corn starch on the stain, then a kitchen paper and press it with a heavy book for a couple of hours. Then you should pour one drop of liquid castile soap on a sponge and drench it with water, use it on the stain, wash the sponge and clean the bag with it, let it dry at room temperature and the stain should disappear. If it doesn’t, then, prepare a mixture of half a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of liquid castile soap and use it on the stain, then wash, and let it dry. I hope this works. Good luck!

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