Skincare Review | Simple Micellar Water


There are three reasons I decided to purchase Simple Micellar Water:

1. @IngridNilsen raved about it and we have similar skin types. I also end up loving her recommendations.
2. I recently discovered my love for Bioderma. I no longer have to go to the sink on lazy days.
3. I had a $2.00 off coupon from a magazine.


Boy, am I happy that I have this in my life! It is easily available and convenient to get from drugstores and grocery stores. It’s inexpensive ($6.99 but varies by location) And it does not irritate my skin. I have stopped using Bioderma in order to completely test this out. All you need is a cotton pad, soak it with the product, and apply all over your face and neck. It gently cleanses my skin and can remove makeup as well. I trust this product more for cleansing my skin rather than a makeup remover. If you wanted to remove your makeup with it, you would need more than one cotton pad for sure. Overall, I’m glad that drugstores are coming out with great skincare products that work well for sensitive skin.

Have you tried Simple Micellar Water or Bioderma? What do you think?

39 thoughts on “Skincare Review | Simple Micellar Water

  1. I just started on a new micellar water from a Canadian brand called Reversa and it’s quite awesome – I’m surprised at myself how much I love it. It’s a bit pricey though.
    The ingredient list is even shorter than the Simple one! Although, I do have to say that I like the inclusion of niacinamide in the Simple micellar water – that helps to fade dark spots.
    I’d say Bioderma is my 4th favourite micellar water after: Yves Rocher, then this new Reversa, then the Caudalie one.


  2. I have loved everything I’ve tried in the past from Simple and I had no idea they even made this product! I’ve always been super curious about Bioderma, but may try this first when I’m in the market for a new cleanser/makeup remover! Great review, Joy!


    • Thank you, Laurel! I have tried their cleanser before and thought it was just okay. But with this great micellar water, it makes me want to try their other products to see if I’m missing out on anything. Maybe when I need a new moisturizer, I’ll try simple!


  3. OMG I love Ingrid!!! I’ve been following her for years I feel like I know her lol!
    I haven’t tried that one but I do like Bioderma so the next time I need a makeup remover I will definitely give this a go! I just got a new bottle of MAC Cleanse Off Oil so it’ll be awhile haha

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    • Ooh you should try it! I must have a regular cleanser at all times. It’s just how my skin is. I use this usually at night when I am too lazy to go to the sink and use water. Lol I have used it in the morning just to try it and it worked well.


  4. Hi Joy! I’ve never tried micellar water since I was doubting if it can really remove makeup enough… but I think I’m finally going to try!


  5. I have this but only use it to remove any makeup remnants around my hairline usually. It doesn’t remove waterproof mascara and I need to use like 4 cotton pads before I feel like everything is fully removed. I still want to try Bioderma though.


  6. I bought this over a month ago and am still on the fence about it. For me, it’s not the best for removing all makeup, but I do use it to refresh my face during the day if necessary. I also sometimes use it after cleansing with face wash, kind of like a toner.


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