Mini Collective Haul | Wildfox, Uniqlo, + More!


Ever since I started my Makeup No Buy, (If you’re on a No Buy too, Click here to do the tag I co-created with StashMatters) I have been able to focus my spending on fashion + skincare.

Here is a mini haul of what I’ve gotten recently:

Uniqlo Two pairs of legging pants in White and Khaki

I got my first pair in gray and loved them so much that when Uniqlo had free shipping for Mother’s Day, I hopped on that deal and got myself two more pairs in different colors. I mean, that’s what you do when you love something right? — Get it in Every color!


American Eagle Black Shorts

The black shorts I had used for years finally went through enough washes that they felt a little more snug than usual. Or my thunder thighs were kicking in, who knows? Anyway, here is my new pair of black shorts. It’s a classic.

Laffaire Cream and Red Crochet Shorts

I always wanted and am still looking for a scalloped pair of shorts. Instead, I opted for these cute crochet detailed shorts that make any outfit a little more girly and chic. *Update: I also bought another pair of these crochet shorts in Red. They look more orange to me on screen, but I would be happy with either color.


Wildfox Tribal Print Jumper

Holy softness! I love Wildfox. Call me a Wildfox Jumper addict. I, of course, wait for them to go on sale because who wants to pay $130 for a jumper? I usually find them on sale on Hautelook for $50-$60. Totally worth it. Click here to see a pic of it on my Instagram.

Simple Micellar Water

I recently fell in love with Bioderma and when drugstores started to release more micellar waters, I had to give this a try. I also had a $2 off coupon from a magazine for it, so that definitely pushed me to try it. Here’s a review!


Morphe Brush Set

My friend always lets me know when there are good sales on makeup and fashion. She texted me a picture of the Morphe Makeup Brushes on sale at Hautelook. I jumped on it, disappointed that I had to pay shipping, but it wasn’t too bad. What was originally $45.99, I got this set of six brushes for $15.


Click the photo for the Source

I hope you enjoyed my first haul! What recent purchase are you most excited about? Let me know! 

24 thoughts on “Mini Collective Haul | Wildfox, Uniqlo, + More!

    • I’m so glad you said that 🙂 My friend texted me the sale and I felt like time was running out on the sale since they expire that I wasn’t able to do the amount of research I usually do on something I don’t know!

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  1. the shorts are so cute 🙂 I need to invest in some white jeans, I tried an old pair of mine the other day and they wouldn’t even go past my thighs….. haha

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  2. I really love buying in Uniqlo stores. The clothes fit me well. Anyways, a very recent purchase well actually just a while ago I bought this t-strap cream (with plastic studs) slippers. I find it really cute and since it’s summer, it’ll be nice to pair it with shorts. 🙂


  3. Oooh how did I miss this? I’m uber jealous of your access to Uniqlo. I’ve only ever been to one in Hong Kong. There are rumours that they’re coming to Canada which is very exciting!
    I totally buy one of every colour if I really like something – and a back up of the basice colours too – I’d kick myself late if I didn’t!
    What a fantastic deal on those brushes – never heard of Morphe before. They look a lot like the Sephora brushes.
    Oh I meant to tell you that I saw scalloped shorts at the Gap:
    Those pink ones would be super duper cute on you!
    I also saw denim / chambray ones but I can’t find them online now.


    • I’ve noticed that WordPress is a little lagged when it lets your post bust out into the world. I hope they do go to Canada because it’s a great store for basics and cutesy warm clothes. I’ve only started to do the whole buy one in every color thing! It’s fun! I can’t wait to get my Morphe brushes. I mainly hear about the brand from Jaclyn Hill on youtube because she introduced them since they were MAC eye shadow quality but for two bucks a piece! Now she has a JH Favorites palette which is sold out forever. AND I appreciate the link! 🙂 You’re awesome!


  4. I like your purchases. That’s the same with me, I focus on skincare more when spending my monies due to the makeup no buy challenge! I like those crochet shorts, it’d be nice to wear to the beach or generally in Spring/Summer time 🙂


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