Tag Tuesday: Love/Hate Tag


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Thank you Lippie Obsession for nominating me for the Love/Hate Tag. Click on her blog name to check out her post!

Rules: In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

Things I Love:

1. Food Festivals & Sushi
2. Dessert – Anything Chocolate & Ice Cream – Pistachio, Rocky Road, Cookies n’ Cream, Green Tea
3. Babies – Specifically my three O.G. babies (niece and nephews)
4. Skincare before makeup
5. Statement & Dainty Necklaces
6. Sunny days with a breeze
7.  Short shorts & sunglasses
8. Celebrating Birthdays & Holidays
9.  Blogging, especially when a bright idea comes up
10. Taking pictures, and by taking, I mean being in them.

Things I Hate:

1. Actually taking pictures
2. Insects on steroids
3. Army print (unless you’re in the army)
4. Cats, when they stare at you
5. Dolls with human eyes
6. Horror Movies
7. Sleeping without my fat girl fan on
8. Eating Liver & most vegetables
9. Skim Milk
10. Windy T Storms

I nominate:

1. StashMatters
2. FiveZero
3. The Rose Beauty Files
4. RedAddictedFashionLiterature
5. Talking About Beauty
6. Always Bree
7. Sober Ramblings about Life and Makeup
8. Katina Bobina
9. Dorkchops
10. 1reddiva83

Thank you for reading! Have fun doing the tag!

38 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Love/Hate Tag

  1. Things I Love: THIS TAG!
    omg so fun.
    I like how your #1 is food – a girl after my own heart.
    That’s really neat that you like being in photos. I run away when a camera is pointed in my general direction! But I think one day when I old and wrinkly, I’ll regret not having more pictures of me taken when I was younger. Still doesn’t make me want to be in photos though…
    What is your “fat girl fan”? lol, am I missing something?
    I have both a love AND hate relationship with cats. They’re crazy, yo.


  2. haha bugs on steroid!!!! They sound terrifying!
    I totally love sleeping with a fan too, never called it my fat girl fan though haha I just love when the room is cold and I’m all comfy under the blankets 🙂


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  4. Thank you for the nomination! I can’t help but agree with the horror movies hate… I seriously need to always look away whenever a commercial for one comes on TV. xD


  5. OMG dolls with human eyes!!! I’m freaked out by all dolls after Anabelle from The Conjuring! I do love horror movies though, even if they psych me out for days haha. I feel like that’s part of the fun I get super into them, especially if they’re based on true events!


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  8. Hi there. Just dropping in to subscribe and say hello. I saw you on StashMatters. I was cracking up at the love hate tag. I also follow The Molly Rose so I’ve seen you around! I’m a new blogger so I just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to reading your posts.


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  11. Hi beauty! Thank you for the nomination. I will answer soon on my blog ;-* I also love babies,but especially i love dessert. My friends don’t understand why i eat like a lion but my weight is always the same xD I would eat Nutella and dessert with Nutella everyday and every moment u.u Why do you hate cats? They have done something bad to you? xoxo :-*


    • Hi lovely! You’re welcome. I can’t wait to see it on your blog. Lol you have a fast metabolism that’s all! I just think they aren’t as friendly as dogs. Dogs are more like people in their personalities and cats are not! They just stare and it makes me uncomfortable lol nothing tragic has happened thank goodness.


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