5 MORE Tips | How I Prevent Acne


My first acne post had a lot of great feedback from you, so I’ve decided to add five more tips on how I prevent acne. A big thank you goes out to the lovely bloggers’ awesome responses. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one struggling with acne on an everyday basis. Let’s continue our prevention tips, shall we?

6. The Quicker Picker Upper | …Bounty! This is a tip from your responses in the last post. It’s strange that I forgot it especially because I never use face towels; I only use paper towels to dry my face. Each one is always clean, dry, and never used. It is not filled with bacteria from previous uses as it would be with an overused face towel. Either use paper towels or change your face towel/muslin cloth frequently, a couple times a week. You never know what bacteria you could be applying back to your clean, washed face.

7. Warning: Keep Out of Direct Sunlight! | SPF is a big must in my skincare routine. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your neck/décolletage area. During rain or shine, always apply SPF to prevent wrinkles. Even if you sit indoors and you see a window near you, chances are the sun’s rays can still get to your face. You don’t want to darken any acne scars even more. (The SPF I currently use)

8. Game Changing “Water” |And by “water,” I mean Micellar Water. I’ve recently read that water disturbs the natural PH in your skin causing an imbalance, resulting in acne. Can you believe that? Water! Luckily, I found a micellar water that works great for my skin while hydrating it. It cleanses my skin and I find that I can use this alone and then apply my skincare afterwards. (The Micellar Water I currently use)

9. A Gentle Touch | I cannot stress this enough because I have made the mistake in the past to scrub my stubborn acne, thinking it would help, when I only made things a lot worse. Be as gentle as can be using your fingertips. Your face’s skin is a sensitive area and should be treated with care. No tugging, pulling, or rubbing! When you cleanse, use a gentle touch. Same with applying skincare — Use your fingertips to pat in, rather than rub in, the moisturizer. Your skin will thank you!

10. When Life Gives you Lemons… | As I’ve said before, H2O is your best friend. Adding lemon to your water is even better. You’ll be doing both your body and skin a favor. Bonus! If you hate drinking water, this is your way to treat it as a kind of “lemonade” or “infused water.” I have found that drinking lemon water improved my skin’s appearance.

There are several factors contributing to acne and these are just the handful of tips I try to do everyday to prevent extremely unnecessary acne. Another tip is to exercise/meditate and overall just relax. Stressing out about your acne can only harm and not help you get the results you want. I hope this helps!

Do you have any tips to add that have helped you prevent acne? Please share!

27 thoughts on “5 MORE Tips | How I Prevent Acne

  1. I find that if I add a couple of drops of pure tea tree oil to a cotton pad with my toner and use them together that is helping my skin loads! I would be careful if you have sensitive skin though as some skin doesn’t deal well with pure tea tree! Xx


  2. I blogged a bit about this today as well. I had the clearest skin growing up, and then suddenly in my 20s, it hit me. Adult acne. I literally tried everything, from facials, to microderms, to cutting out all dairy and sugar, to natural face products. NOTHING worked, for about 3 years, and my self-esteem tanked. Then suddenly I read about benzoyl peroxide. I went out and bought Benzagel Gel, and after a few months, my skin was cured. Now I also have face wash and lotion with benzoyl peroxide in it. The best thing is that you can buy these products at the drug store, instead of the expensive ones that I was purchasing at my doctor’s office. Honestly, I get so many compliments on my skin now. It changed my life!


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    • Thank you for sharing your story! I know how hard it is to open up about having blemished skin. I have had acne since I was 11 or 12. Idk what I would have done without my current dermatologist. I had one before and eventually got blemished skin but even worse. I took accutane which helped tons.


  3. These are great! My holy grail is retinol! Also, I’m the queen of not drinking enough water, so I need to work on that! I also think I’m going to give the bounty trick a try!


  4. I think these are decent advice to be followed by everyone not by those with acne prone skin! to drink water, apply SPF and clean your face very well! after all it’s the only one we have and we’ll have to rock it for the rest of our lives! 😉
    lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


  5. Awesome post. I always use a clean cloth everyday as I hate the texture of paper on my skin. I go through so many cloths but it’s so worth it. X


  6. I just feeling using a paper towel every time I wash my face is so wasteful! I’m guilty of using the same face cloth for a whole week. I just use to pat my face dry… my face is CLEAN by then. I dunno, I don’t suffer from acne luckily so I’m a bit less stringent. But these are GREAT tips, esp the one about the sun!
    Another tip is to clean / wipe your phones periodically to remove bacteria too – it’s shocking how dirty phones can get and it touches your face.


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