OOTD | Memorial Day Weekend


Happy Memorial Day!

This is a spring/summer outfit featuring my skinnies and a peplum top. The bright orange top needed to be balanced with a neutral color for the bottoms. The wedge booties made me a bit taller for the day and were easy to walk in. Of course you need a pair of sunnies to complete the MDW look. I also had accessories, colorful earrings and two silver rings. My bag matched my top — Pleasant surprise.

Top: Ambiance | Bottoms: Uniqlo | Booties: Aerosoles | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Coach | Accessories: Anthropologie and Topshop

I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day — Thank you for reading!

Manicure Mondays will resume next week.

18 thoughts on “OOTD | Memorial Day Weekend

    • Thank you! I really like their “legging pants” which is what I am wearing in the photo. I just have to have it hemmed since it is too long for me by a few inches. They will hem it for you at the store for $6 depending on the price of the pants. You just have to pick it up the next day up to 60 days or something ridiculous like that. My fam really likes their jackets for winter or vests for spring. Their shirts are nice and playful but for the most part, they are a store of basics/staples. You’ll love it!

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