Winter to Summer: The Closet Cleanout


Say Goodbye to your Winter knits and Hello to Summer dresses!

Closet Season Swap time!

I have a box filled with my summer clothes and a huge drawer that I hardly open throughout the year filled with summer clothes as well. Every spring/summer, I switch the Winter clothes out. I seem to do it pretty late compared to other people just because where I live, the weather is unpredictable; It could be 90 degrees and sunny one day and the next week it drops down and the high is only 65 degrees and cloudy. You see my predicament?

I think mid-May is the perfect time to switch everything out. This is the time when I can still layer my clothes up if it’s a bit chilly. I can still wear a light sweater with a pair of shorts and it’s fine. I do tend to get colder than most people even in the summer. Let’s do this thang.

Here is how I reorganize my closet and drawer space:


Sweaters and darker colored clothes are switched out for denim/printed shorts and skirts.

Step 1. Basically empty everything out (closets, drawers, anywhere you keep clothes) so it looks like a tornado has passed through your room.

Step 2. Make piles of things you want to keep and fold it nicely (because later we will put those back in what will now be known as the Winter Box.)


I looked like a shoe store for a couple of hours. I organized them into my Ikea shoe organizer that hangs in my closet.

Step 3. Every item of clothing you definitely know you don’t want, doesn’t fit, or have not worn at all in the past 1-3 seasons goes in the trash or donate pile. (Only put well kept items in the donate pile, the clothes that may have rips or holes in it go with the rest of the trash pile.)

Step 4. Now is the time to break out the Summer Box and empty its contents.


My summer drawer just got filled with more summer clothes. My fuzzy socks and long sleeved shirts got nixed for breezy tank tops.

Step 5. You may now put all your Winter stuff from Step 2 and place it neatly into the box. Say goodbye to your chunky sweaters and cozy scarves.

Step 6. Now that the Winter clothes are gone, organize the Summer clothes into your closet and drawers.


THIS IS IT! Brighter and Lighter wardrobe for the summertime 🙂

Remember  you don’t have to throw everything out. You can keep sentimental items, too. I know I do! Be honest with yourself of what you think you can let go of or have absolutely no need for now or in the future.

There is no right or wrong way to organize your closet space. I simply took out chunky sweater dresses and replaced them with my favorite summer dresses. Then, I arranged them from the cut and style of the dress and put the more formal ones towards the back and the casual ones towards the front, just because I know I’ll use those more for everyday wear.

I hope this post encourages you to clean out your closet and organize it so you can clearly see all the clothes you have. What’s the use of so many clothes if you never wear them?

Let me know your tips on how to organize your wardrobe during the season swap!

24 thoughts on “Winter to Summer: The Closet Cleanout

  1. I have to do this, too. Always have to do it late, as our weather is very unpredictable. I think just last week it nearly hit freezing again! 😀 But this year, I plan on doing a massive purge, as well.


  2. Oh you are so organised! This really is motivating..hopefully this weekend I’ll get my wadrobe looking as tidy as yours.. except mine will be hanging full of winter gear with my summer clothes stashed away 😦


  3. I need to do this, I have my donating bags ready just now need the energy to get started!
    My draws already look like a tornado has passed through them let alone how they’d look if i pulled everything out haha
    Thank you for the inspiration! Time to get my butt into gear 😉 Nothing better than an organised closet 🙂


  4. I started to do this last weekend. It’s such a CHORE. I did set aside about 8 pcs for donation. My rule of thumb is if I haven’t worn it in 12 months, then I’m never going to wear it. I also have to pull all my winter stuff to go to the dry cleaners, then I have to go to our locker to pull out the suitcases where I keep the “off-season” clothes to make the switch. evil:


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