Through the Seasons: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

This is an ode to my favorite bag throughout the seasons. I just want to show how truly versatile this bag is from its color to its shape.

FALL 2014:



WINTER 2015:IMG_2458


SPRING 2015:


SUMMER 2015:
NO PICTURE. Saddest post ever!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Almond

30 thoughts on “Through the Seasons: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

  1. Oh no! No luck with the stain?! You can’t go wrong with the mini mac! Check on the Barney’s Warehouse website – might be able to get a good deal there. I bought a brown and blue one there for like 1/2 the price last summer that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Also arrived within 2 days of ordering with just the standard shipping!


  2. Oh no..don’t give up on it just yet – can you dye it a deeper color? Or creatively paint a flower or other beautiful motif on the spot (you have mad nail painting skills so I’m sure you’d do something great!)..Or how about getting a purse charm that strategically clips on and covers the awful spot?


    • These are all such great and creative ideas!!!! Thank you so much. I was thinking of dying that section but didn’t know how. In my head I was like I should get a stick of butter and just restain that area to be all the same color. Then clean it. Then live with my masterpiece. Lol would you know how to dye it??


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