Tat Me Up! | Flash Tattoos


Flash tattoos have been all the rage for the past few summers. They are fun temporary tattoos that resemble tribal prints, floral designs, etc. They come in the form of bracelets, anklets, and regular tattoos that you can put all over your body. You can easily wear these for summer vacay and music festivals. Here are the ones I have…

-There are gold, black and silver ones:


-There are vibrant multi-colored ones:


Wear them all at once, layered, or in a single wrap around your ankle or arm. The places you can place these tattoos are endless. Be creative and cut up the long ones and place them around your fingers to look like pretty rings. No matter where you put these, they elevate your perfect summer look. Don’t forget to show them off!

Have you tried Flash tattoos? What do you think of them?

23 thoughts on “Tat Me Up! | Flash Tattoos

  1. I really do love the multi-colored ones! I’ve never tried flash tattoos before. Maybe I’ll give them a try when I go to some outdoor festivals this summer.


  2. I’ve been eyeing them at the dollar store. I even want the little Hello Kitty ones! Brings back memories. But um, highly juvenile and not professional. I suppose I could apply them somewhere no one can see but that defeats the purpose! πŸ˜›


    • Get them! Try them on the weekend. Go wild! And you know what.. they wash off easily. Just use baby oil or do what I did and just apply cocoa butter lotion and bam! Half of it is off and the rest becomes peel-able. New word!


  3. I have some of the gold and silver ones but those vibrant ones look WHOA lol. I like the gold and silver designs πŸ™‚


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