Throwback Thursday: Summer Nail Colors

We’re in unofficial summer, no? The next two polishes are great for summertime or when you need a pick-me-up color because they are vibrant polishes.


China Glaze Shocking Pink:

The name says it all! Shocking pink is the perfect name for this bright, neon polish. Wear this during the summer when you’re at the beach. It even looks great as a pedicure. It’s a fun and flirty color that draws attention to your tan. TIP: I suggest layering a white nail polish underneath. This serves as a base for the neon color and allows it to show true to color instead of directly on the nail bed. The color will pop even more.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue:

Pacific Blue is a favorite to many and I can finally see why. When I applied this color, I definitely did not need a second coat. (I just always add an extra coat, no matter what.) It’s opaque, the color is beautiful, and it’s suitable for all skin tones. This summer polish is is definitely a go-to summer color.

What’s your go-to summer nail polish?


18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Summer Nail Colors

  1. That Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is beautiful! I’m not a blue polish fan but that one is stunning. I got Nails Inc Baker Street partly because of it.
    Hmm whenever someone asks for a summer shade my immediate inclination is to say Essie Braziliant (orange w/ pink sheen), so I’ll say another colour: Deborah Lippmann Daytripper which is described on the official website as “Like a trip to the beach for the nails, this pretty pink coral makes you dream of fruity drinks and warm white sand.” 😀


  2. Shocking pink is really pretty! Omg – I have never tried Pacific Blue! Everyone raves about it and it looks so pretty on you! And only 1 coat? I’m all for it! Great picks, Joy!


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