Hair Removal | Remington iLight Review


Remington I-Light Pro Premier Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal System

Now that’s a long title. This is a hair removal system that is comparable to a laser hair removal treatment, except this is an at-home treatment that you do yourself. A little disclaimer, I am obsessed with hair removal whether it is cream products like nair, shaving, or epilating. I am all about it. What I am trying to say is that if there is a little pain, I will make myself get used to it.

The product

Do you end up with missed hairs, irritation, or annoying little black dots on your skin after shaving or waxing that get in the way of having beautiful skin? Does your hair seem to grow back immediately, then leaving your legs with prickly stubble?
Break free from the hassle of your daily hair removal routine with the i-LIGHT™ Pro, a revolutionary hair removal system that uses scientifically-designed pulses of light to stop hair growth, revealing a new kind of clear, smooth, beautiful skin.
Results last an incredible six months*
Same technology used by professionals
Fast, gentle and easy to use
Two–Year warranty

The price is $250. It consists of the base/machine that connects via wire to the hand held pulse light system. In addition, the plug that connects to the base is included. There is an on/off switch, skin identifier, and a control for how intense you want the light to be on the skin. The hair removal system delivers an intense pulse light to shock the hairs at the root, eventually weakening them and stopping them from ever growing again.

My thoughts

Will this machine work on your skin tone?

READ THE MANUAL. First and foremost, read that thing; It’s not that long. It has helpful information on how to prep your skin and how to use this unique product. One of the very first things I learned from that manual was that there is a skin identifier for a reason. This cannot be used on everyone’s skin tone, unfortunately. It only ranges from light to medium skin, and they require that you put your skin (in this case, my leg) onto the skin identifier. The skin identifier is found on the base of the machine and looks like a clear window that blinks until your skin is on top of it. Once your skin is approved for this machine, the skin identifier will stop blinking and beep twice.

Is your skin shaved and completely clean?

You also have to make sure that your legs are completely shaved and clean, meaning no lotions/oils applied at all. Yes, I thought it was weird that you still have to shave even though you’re removing your hair with a laser, but that’s how it works!

What intensity of the pulse light can you handle?

Now that you’re approved, we can move onto the intensity. I thoroughly researched this product and its reviews online. Everyone says to start out with the lowest (knowing it will do the least hair removal) just to get a feel for it. After the first pinching sensation, I was brave and went to the most intense setting.


Basically, you control the pulse light with your hands; This hand held part has a huge button on top, and when you press the part onto your skin, it will beep to let you know that the pulse light part is on your skin properly, and now all you have to do is pull the trigger, I mean, press the button. It will deliver the most intense shock to your leg, while blinding you with a bright spark of light. Sometimes I would close my eyes as I pressed the button or put on sunglasses.

Try the grid pattern 

That was just one pulse, people. Now it’s time to do the entire leg in a grid like pattern because there is no way to tell what spot you have already done, unless your skin turns pink like mine did. Do both legs and do not put any lotions or anything until the next day.

Wait two weeks in between sessions

You have to wait two weeks in between each session. Being as organized as I could be with this, I managed to write down the date I started my sessions on a post it note. I also scheduled the day I would do my next session on my phone’s calendar so I really wouldn’t forget. I was on schedule for each session. They say after 3-4 sessions, two weeks apart, you will notice a huge difference in the amount of hair. Afterwards, you just do touch ups on the areas that still grow hair.

Now you’ll notice less and less hair

I have noticed by the 3rd session that hair was disappearing. My legs, in some places, looked smoother/had less hair. I had to continue. I continued until my 5th or 6th session. Finally, I called it quits.

You also have to keep in mind that the pulse light has a bulb that needs to be replaced after 500 or so pulses and it dies out. They include a coupon from their website for a bulb replacement that never expires.


I have returned this item because I find the hair removal to not work to my standards. I hate that the results are there, but only in patches, which is not a great look for summer. You cannot predict where your hair will grow and the fact that you must shave before using this product makes you either guess where the patches were or like me, you’ll end up doing your entire leg no matter what. It started to get tedious and as exciting as it was to see the results, I wish they were applied to the entire leg.

Would you ever try a product like this? Do you get laser hair removal done?

13 thoughts on “Hair Removal | Remington iLight Review

  1. I’m always in two minds about getting a do it yourself. I used to get professionally lasered,still have an appt left but boy does it hurt! Very effective though so I may have to pluck up the courage to go back. Thanks for posting x


  2. My friend had the no-no thing and she said it kind of worked but it took a long time to do and shaving was faster and more effective in the end. I’m considering laser hair removal for my underarm! (as you know I don’t have to shave my legs :D) Have you ever considered laser?


  3. I’m super scared of lazers and pulsed light, so no, I haven’t tried this technology and I’m not very likely to try it in the future. I’m still using old methods to remove my hair, but with waxing or shavers you can at least control the final results. Thanks for sharing your experience


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