DIY | Nail Polish Remover Pump


Lifestyle posts allow me to branch off into another area of beauty/makeup and how you can store your products. When the BeautyBlender was hyped up and talked about by every YouTuber, I decided to purchase one… Actually two plus a BB Cleanser.

I thought it was worth it at the time. My mini review for the cleanser is to get the Solid bar one instead. It’s ten times better, especially for BeautyBlenders and makeup brushes. There was absolutely nothing special about the cleanser except for its pump-like packaging. I kept the packaging in mind as I finally finished the product to the last drop (This was before I had a blog where I could share my empties! Aww!)

Here’s how I did it

1. I washed out the excess cleanser until it was clean and dry.

2. I carefully removed all signs of it being a BB Cleanser and washed the stickiness of the sticker off as well.

3. I poured in my nail polish remover, used that all up, and now I added a different nail polish remover.

The pump is awesome for placing cotton on the top as it pumps the liquid evenly onto the cotton pad. Easy, convenient and sleek looking packaging; It adds a pop of color to any vanity. I used to have a pink colored nail polish remover, and now that that’s all finished, it has been changed to a pretty purple one.

Have you ever used the packaging of something as a container for something else? Let me know what you DIY’ed.

25 thoughts on “DIY | Nail Polish Remover Pump

  1. You are a friggin’ genius! I love this idea! I don’t like throwing things like this away because I always think about turning it into something useful. Now I can just steal your ideas πŸ˜‰


  2. I reuse my bottles ALL the time for not their intended purpose. I really like the spray nozzle from one of my root lifting hair sprays so that now holds my makeup setting spray (funny, this morning the boy saw me spraying my face and he looked at the bottle – WHY ARE YOU SPRAYING YOUR FACE WITH HAIR SPRAY???).
    And you probably saw in my May empties post, I reuse the pump bottle from Bioderma for my other micellar water. The pump bottles are handy! πŸ˜€


  3. Such a good idea! I never think of things like this till its too late and its already in the trash, but I am one to keep Nutella Jars, so handy to hold Jacobs Crayons etc ….


  4. OMFG!!! This is such an awesome idea! I have been wanting nail polish with a pump for ages, but always end up opting a cheaper bottle with a cap!! This is brilliant!
    I used to repurpose my bath and body 3 wick jar candles to display nail polish years ago (when I had only like 15 bottles), but I have way too much nail polish to do that now and haven’t been buying their candles like I used to!


      • You’re welcome! This is seriously such a great idea!!! Hahahahahahah – yah I would def have WAY too many candle containers! Had to switch to a box! They were so pretty, but not practical for me anymore! I always loved the look of the polish bottles in them!!

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