How To: Break in your New Shoes + Tips

Have you ever bought new shoes and they would fit just a little bit better if they were a little bit roomier? Do you have 15 minutes? That’s all you’ll need, and I’ll show you how to make them the perfect size for your foot! I’m not used to wearing high heels, so I take these methods and tips into consideration before I put them on.

It’s socks.

Yes, you heard that right! Grab any pair of socks (Could I have picked a funkier pair of socks?), put them on, and walk around the house. I did this for 10-15 minutes before heading out with my friends while I was getting ready. After the 15 minutes, simply remove the socks and slip your shoes back on to feel the difference. It won’t be a dramatic size changing method; The fit should be just a tad looser and more comfortable to walk in.

This method will work, of course, depending on what material the shoe has, but for the most part, it should work.IMG_3683Three Tips for wearing heels:

Tip 1: Use moleskin for the backs of shoes to make them more comfortable.

This can help you either change the size by adding a thicker moleskin or add comfort for the back of your foot if it tends to rub and cause blisters. Speaking of blisters…

Tip 2: Bring Blister Block.

I have used different kinds of blister block, whether it is in solid stick or spray form, since the days of going to proms and dances. This stuff works and my feet would have been so beat up without it.

Tip 3: Bring band-aids just in case.

There are times were none of the above works for you or you forgot to bring those things. I always pack a few bandages in my clutch before going out and if I don’t use them, I end up leaving them in there for the next time I go out. The moment you feel like your skin is sensitive and is rubbing against the shoe in any uncomfortable way, apply the bandage and you’ll instantly feel better.

Do you have any tips when it comes to breaking in new shoes? Walking in high heels? Let me know in a comment below! 

33 thoughts on “How To: Break in your New Shoes + Tips

  1. Nice tips! My feet swell like crazy in the heat, so I have this problem a lot in the summer. (If I don’t have Band-Aids with me, I will sometimes use a bit of lip balm! Though I rub it on my finger first, then apply on heel. LOL. Not directly on my foot. Eww.)


  2. I have no tips. I hate new shoes. I hobble along like a robot. Patent leather is the worst! I typically need to buy insoles for my shoes since I have high arches but I always forget to do it for new shoes.


  3. Such helpful tips – especially the moleskin one! I always run into problems breaking in new shoes, so that should really help a lot! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out in the past, wore new shoes, had to stop at CVS to buy bandaids, but by that time all of the damage had been done and my feet were ON FIRE!!!!! This post will force me to change my shoe wearing ways! LOL!

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  4. I’ve always used those heel liners for all new shoes to prevent rubbing on the backs of my heels. It works with flats because that’s all I wear lol, but I assume it would work with heels as well.


  5. Ahh, great tip with the socks! I always try to carry band-aids in my purse when i’m on vacation because inevitably after hours of walking, some part of my foot is not doing so well. Loved this post!


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