Summer Staples Week | Throw Some Shade

Welcome to the first official week of Summer!

For one whole week | Summer Staples Week will include the items of clothing/accessories that I think are the pieces you could wear all Summer long. Please enjoy Part 3 of 7!
IMG_3755(Top to bottom, L to R: Ralph Lauren, PINK, Baby Phat, ALDO, Ray Ban, and Coach sunglasses)

Sunglasses are not only fashionable, but they also protect your face and eyes from the sun. As you can see from my small collection, I have a range of classic sunglasses to fun, outrageously colored sunglasses. I usually save those for the beach because they are bright, fun and inexpensive, meaning I won’t care as much if I end up losing them at the beach.


I have an oval face shape; Here is how I wear my favorite pair of Coach sunnies…


Thank you for reading — Tomorrow’s post will be on shoes!

27 thoughts on “Summer Staples Week | Throw Some Shade

  1. Why aren’t your posts showing up in my feed!!! 😕
    Love the large sunglasses frames! I have a big face so I need plastic frames and wide frame styles. My favourite pair is from Ck, it also sits well on my non-existent nose bridge! 👀👃😎

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  2. I’ve been looking to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses! I love the Coach and the yellow RLs. I have a round face and no nose bridge, so it has been quite a challenge. :/


  3. I love colored sunglasses and I am obsessed with those yellow shades! Wicked cute and stylish! The Coach sunnies looks awesome on you!


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