Summer Staples Week | Summer Dresses

Welcome to the first official week of Summer!

For one whole week | Summer Staples Week will include the items of clothing/accessories that I think are the pieces you could wear all Summer long. Please enjoy Part 6 of 7!

IMG_3845(L to R: bodycon, summer, short, flowy dresses and romper)

Summer Dress: This is the dress that can be dressed up or dressed down in the summer. It’s great with flip flops/sandals but can also look good with heels/wedges.

Body Con Dress: A bodycon dress is a one-piece figure hugging garment that is fun to wear for nights out. Here is how I wore mine:IMG_3834

Flowy Dress: Flowy dreses are perfect for when you are in the summer heat. When it is truly hot outside, to the point of sweating, (TMI?) you don’t want any clothes that hug onto your body. Having a flowy, loose dress is ideal in humid weather.

Short | Long | Mid length dresses: The length of the dress matters. I personally love short dresses because I am a petite person. Long dresses  that are good for my height are hard for me to find. I do adore how girls can pull off wearing maxi dresses in the summer. Mid-length dresses can be for all occasions, but again, I have not found one that goes well with my figure.

Rompers: These are probably the most fun and playful dresses. My favorite one is from Urban Outfitters. The trick to wearing rompers is to find one that fits you properly, as if it is a pair of shorts and a fitted tee shirt. It should not look loose in odd places. If you can pull it off, they are extremely cute. These can also be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize.

Here is how I wore my favorite Summer dress:


Last day of Summer Staples Week is tomorrow. What’s your favorite dress to wear in the Summer?

23 thoughts on “Summer Staples Week | Summer Dresses

  1. Love that last dress on you! Reminds me of a white sundress I have that’s got some eyelet lace that’s really airy and comfy. I just have to make sure I don’t eat anything with tomato sauce or soy sauce when I’m wearing it! 😋


  2. Love love love the way you styled the blue dress! I actually just bought a new summer dress at Old Navy for $10.00 last weekend (SCORE)!!! It’s a cute black and white striped tank dress!!!


  3. I love wearing shorts, not much into dresses , I also have a romper , it’s the best summer dress I feel … That fit n flare dress looks amazing . I got a similar one …


  4. Love the bodycon dress! I can’t get into rompers at all (also, how do you go pee? so annoying), and maxis, too. They looks great on others, and I’ve seen some petites carry them off superbly, but they’re just not my thing. Short and midi lengths forever!


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