July Empties | 2015


As often as I can, I will display my empty products of the month. These are for the month of July. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it is one of the most satisfying feelings to actually finish up a product you bought. It sometimes feels like it was worth the money.  I can’t promise doing this series every month, just because empties are a rare thing to me. I am actually really surprised that I was able to finish up six products to the very last drop. Another thing to know about empties is that I will also let you know if I would repurchase the product, now that I am out of it.

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Online Shoppers: No Need to Guess Your Size | True Fit

Have you ladies and gents ever seen this before? Your True Fit Size

This weekend, I was shopping online on American Eagle. (You’ll see my winnings in a haul next week!) Anyway, they had a button that said Find Your True Fit:

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Reblog | So Your Friend Has a Blog… | Rae of Sparkles

I’m very thankful for the handful of people in my life that support either my blog or my blog’s Facebook page on the regular. Continue reading

CeraVe Skin Kit

One of my favorite YouTubers to watch is the beautiful Rachel Talbott. She partnered with CeraVe to give her followers a chance to try out part of the skincare line just by signing up online, and in a few days your skin kit would arrive at your doorstep. Continue reading