Tag: The Encouraging Thunder Award

Katina bobina – Thank you for nominating me! Click her blog name to see her post.

The Rules
– Post it on your blog.
– Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
– Grant other bloggers the award.
– Mention your purpose in blogging.
– Thank the person who nominated you.

Why do I blog?
– To see if I can keep this up as a daily blog for a year (hopefully!)
– To practice my way of writing everyday
– To share my interests in the areas of beauty, fashion, and nail art
– To expand what I write about, including lifestyle posts
– To socialize with other beauty and lifestyle bloggers

And I would like to nominate:
– StashMatters
– The Beautified Blogger
– Always Bree
– Lauren Pickens

9 thoughts on “Tag: The Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Yeah I will accept any award with the word THUNDER in it, wooo!
    It’s amazing that you post DAILY! I knew when I started my blog that I could never commit to that but good for you!
    Congrats and I’m glad you blog or else I wouldn’t have “met” you. awwwwww. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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