Lifestyle | Milk & Cereal Popsicles


I stumbled upon this recipe on Facebook and had to try it. Here is my take on Milk and Cereal popsicles. It’s really easy to do and healthy, too. Let me show you!

Here are the ingredients:

1 med/large banana
1 Cup Greek yogurt
1/2 Cup milk
1/2 Cup dry cereal

You’ll need a popsicle mold and popsicle sticks as well.

IMG_3980Here’s how I did it:

1. In the bowl, mash the banana until smooth.
2. Add and mix in yogurt and milk until blended. Add the cereal and stir by hand to avoid crushing it.
3. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze overnight.

Wake up to a cold treat for breakfast on the go! Just be warned that these are not sweet unless you make it sweet. I was surprised at how overpowering the plain yogurt was. This was my first try doing this recipe, and I plan to do an improved version soon! This can be eaten as a fun and healthy breakfast on a hot summer day. It can also serve as a snack or dessert.

If I were to make this recipe again, just know that I would change the yogurt from plain to a flavored one, preferably with honey. Keep in mind that you can also change the milk to chocolate milk or strawberry milk, or any milk you prefer. The fact that you can make a hundred different combos is what attracted me to this cute and tasty recipe.

EnJOY! I hope you liked this and stay tuned for another Milk and Cereal recipe. Have you ever tried to make popsicles? What kind?

13 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Milk & Cereal Popsicles

    • I’m happy that I inspired you to do more lifestyle posts! Did you switch your site or something? It said that I wasn’t following you on WordPress, when I was actually following you as one of my first bloggers ever! WordPress is strange sometimes…


  1. As someone who eats cereal completely dry, this sounds intriguing. Does the cereal get soggy or have a crunch? I’d imagine this would be interesting to test out with various types of cereal and yogurt flavours!

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    • No milk for you? The cereal won’t get soggy unless it is too crushed up. Plus you can roll it in fresh cereal for more of a cereal experience. I wonder what flavor combo I should do next!


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