Beauty Tool | ColortraK Tools Color Tube Key


Don’t you hate when you know there’s more product in the tube and you just can’t get to it? The Tube Key has changed the game for me. Just when I think I can toss a product into an Empties post, this key has made sure that I use every little last drop.IMG_4107It’s metal and washable. It will fit on any bendable packaging. Simply slide the edge of the tube into the key and roll down. Keep rolling the key down until product starts coming out. I find this very useful and to think of all the wasted product I must have had before I started using this little guy.

ColortraK Tools Color Tube Key

Have you ever used a tube key before?

18 thoughts on “Beauty Tool | ColortraK Tools Color Tube Key

  1. A-ha! this is funny but useful! No, I never used a tube key, because I often open tubes to get what’s inside down to the very last drop. Not safe, but it works as well. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  2. This is such a good and practical idea! When I was a kid (think late 80’s early 90’s) we used to have these colorful plastic clips that went on toothpaste to get every last drop out! This is much prettier! πŸ™‚


  3. I usually just roll up the metal at the end and that seems to push more product out – that said, there’s not really that many products made with metal tubes anymore – most of them are plastic now. I do have one of those toothpaste pushing tools that crimp the end of the toothpaste tube – handy but I hardly ever use it!


    • True! It was useful for me with the Embryolisse moisturizer. Now I think it has literally three more uses left. And I have a different one for toothpaste but it basically does the same thing, just no rolling. More like pushing it down.


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