DIY | Make Old T Shirts New Again



What you’ll need:

-Old Tee shirt

Usually during my closet swap, I tend to look at my entire wardrobe and figure out the clothes I wear, the clothes I don’t wear at all, and the clothes I should wear more often. One of my old t shirts was going to make it into the donate pile until I, caffeine filled at the time, had the bright idea at 1 AM to cut up my shirts! I just felt so creative, all alone, at 1 AM. So I cut away!

Take your tshirt and wear it. See where you’d want to make the cuts. I decided to make mine into a Crop top since it was sleeveless and I couldn’t do much else with the top half of the shirt. It was already great on top. It was one of those shirts that was too long to wear with jeans but too short to wear with leggings. I had never been fully comfortable in this shirt until now.



I actually cut off four more inches after this initial cut. I wanted it to really be a true crop top. Don’t forget to stretch and tug on the areas you cut. It makes for a worn in look, similar to a Brandy Melville t shirt.

Here’s the finished product:IMG_4313This t shirt was a large from GAP, and instead of it collecting dust in my drawer, it is now finally well loved.

Thinking of doing this to any of your old shirts? Don’t be afraid to cut them up!


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