July Empties | 2015


As often as I can, I will display my empty products of the month. These are for the month of July. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it is one of the most satisfying feelings to actually finish up a product you bought. It sometimes feels like it was worth the money.  I can’t promise doing this series every month, just because empties are a rare thing to me. I am actually really surprised that I was able to finish up six products to the very last drop. Another thing to know about empties is that I will also let you know if I would repurchase the product, now that I am out of it.

List of Products:


Boscia Lavender Blotting Linens – Review – I bought this on a whim from the Sephora sale section. Initially, they smell good, but they lose their scent over time. These blotting linens are just okay. I had to use two each time I needed to blot my face; At least there were 100 sheets.

Repurchase? No, plus now I’m trying another brand for blotting sheets.


pH care Intimate Wash – The texture is thick enough to form a lather, if you like that.

Repurchase? Yes.IMG_4424

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing Purifying Body Wash in Seaweed + Oatmeal – This body wash is nothing special, just a body wash that does the job! It has a light pleasant smell while using it in the shower.

Purchase? YesIMG_4426Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre – French Haul – I thought this was working great for my skin just because it did not break me out. Then, I read reviews on how the product does not have any beneficial ingredients for the skin. What really sold me on not repurchasing this is when I used my Clinique moisturizer after using this, I was told my skin looked great.

Purchase? No, it was nice to have and use up, but it did not make a difference in my skincare regimen. Basically, it did not harm or help my skin.

Deluxe Sized Samples:


Kiehl’s Creme de Corps – This was a deluxe sample size that lasted me a very long time. It’s an extremely yellow lotion that keeps the skin hydrated for hours. I actually got bored of this lotion, even though it does the job. I probably should have used it in the winter time instead.

Purchase? Possibly in the wintertime.


Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen – Instant love. This SPF is great and does not interfere with your makeup, if you do choose to wear makeup with this. I feel that even when I wore this by itself, it appeared to smooth out my skin without making my face look greasy. My face felt fully protected when wearing this. This has a watery consistency, which I didn’t mind at all.

Purchase? I’m looking it up now to see where I can purchase this! Update: I’m sad because I think they discontinued it.

Have you tried any of my July empties? What did you think about them?

34 thoughts on “July Empties | 2015

  1. Hey girl! Great post! Good thing I read your review on the Embryolisse cream! I’ve heard good things about it, but disappointed to hear it doesn’t benefit the skin with any good for you ingredients. I purchased the Boscia green tea blotting papers awhile ago, and I agree with you that they are okay. Yes, they smell good and feel very soft, but my NYX blotting papers do the job just as well! I received the Kiehl’s lotion in a gift pack and I’m not sure if I am loving it yet. Again, it’s a body lotion that I have heard rave reviews about, but I’ve mainly been using on my feet at night and in the morning, and it does a nice job. My mom always purchases the huge bottle, but don’t think i’m sold just quite yet. Omg! I love the Clarins sunscreen too! I received in the Sephora sun safety kit and it has become one of my favorites. I found the Korres suncreen was great too! http://www.sephora.com/suncare-yoghurt-nourishing-fluid-veil-face-sunscreen-broad-spectrum-spf-30-P395116?skuId=1702810
    I read some reviews that it left some oily, but I didn’t have that problem at all. I thought it smelled nice, absorbed beautifully, and most important didn’t interfere with my makeup.
    Hope you are well! ❤

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    • Loving the long comment, girl.

      Yea, the moisturizer is okay, not bad. Just doesn’t do much for me anyway.

      I haven’t tried the NYX ones! My go to blotting sheets are the Clean&Clear ones.

      The kiehl’s lotion was okay for summertime, but I bet it would be awesome for cooler months!

      OMG is there another Clarins sunscreen that ISN’t discontinued? What’s yours called? Hopefully it is similar.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out!

      Hope you are well too!

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  2. I keep saying I wouldn’t have empties every month, but yet, I do end up accummulating empties every month though! I guess I’m just surprised at myself. Yes, I started adding a comment about whether I’d repurchase the finished item, I find that really useful when I read others’ empties list.
    I quite like that Boscia blotting paper, but yes, they’re kind of small and I usually have to use more than 1, so really a pack of 100 is more like a pack of 50.
    INTIMATE WASH! You use that? Um… care to elaborate why it’s necessary to buy a separate product for your nether region? Genuinely curious.
    I’ve been curious about that Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre for ages (thanks to Pixiwoo!) but I’m not sure if it’s suitable for my combo skin.
    Re: Clarins sunscreen – they still sell this but I think they renamed it:
    Once again, this is a reminder for me to get my empties post up! 😛


    • I keep thinking I won’t have any empties either, as if it’s impossible. Awesome that you added the Repurchase question!

      I totally agree 100 really means 50 for my oily self. Lol

      Regular soaps and body washes disturb the pH of your “nether region.” And I have found two products that work the best.

      Love pixiwoo! So talented! The moisturizer was okay, not bad. I don’t need it for my oily skin, as it would make me quite shiny as well.

      Thank you for the link. I will check it out!!! 🙂

      Can’t wait to see your empties post!


  3. i love kiehls body lotion, its so thick and rich but has no perfumes so you can wear anything on top of it. Its a great moisturizer. I also like Embroylisse, its very nice for the winter.


  4. Sadly most of the lovely and effective Clarins skincare gets discontinued… : ( I would have liked that sunscreen, as I usually struggle to find one that doesn’t feel heavy or shiny…


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