Lifestyle | DIY: Infused Waters


We all know how good water is for you — But let’s face it. Water gets pretty boring. Here are a few ways and recipes on how to enjoy water while adding color and flavor!


This water with a twist is by far the easiest of the four drinks. All you need to do is squeeze a wedge of a lemon into your water.


I make this drink a couple times a week because I know how good it is for my body. Plus, it’s nice to give plain ol’ water a little kick once in a while.

Strawberry + Lime:

Strawberries are my second go-to way to do infused water. Since I had these packets from a Love with Food box, I decided to use it as if it were a lime wedge.


This is sweet and refreshing at the same time!

Cucumber + Mint:

Spa water. Is all I have to say about this.


Even though I regularly drink lemon water, I feel that this is my favorite out of the four. It really feels like a treat for you and your body! This particular water reminds me of a massage I had in California, since that was the first time I ever had Cucumber Mint water.

Strawberry + Mint:

I decided to try this not only for the taste but also for its lovely colors and presentation.


Red and green? C’mon. Christmas Water! Just beautiful and tastes awesome too.

What is your favorite infused water?

28 thoughts on “Lifestyle | DIY: Infused Waters

  1. This is such a great way to drink water. I hate water. I much prefer diet coke! COFFEE? Anything! But when the water has cucumber and mint and other refreshing additions, it really makes a difference. I drink so much more and just being more hydrated adds a healthy glow. Great post! It’s a good reminder to people. They make infused water at work so I got hooked on it there but there’s so many awesome combinations.


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