DIY | Make Old T Shirts New Again | Part 2


Click here: Part 1

What you’ll need:

-Old Tee shirt

If you read my first post on cutting up my old tee shirts, you know I had this bright idea at 1AM, while caffeine filled. This is the continuation of that night. Since this is a short sleeved tee shirt, I decided to make it a shirt with large arm holes that would be ideal for showing off a bralette or bandeau. Think Urban Outfitters-esque.

Start out by cutting the sleeves at the seams. Next, drop the arm hole as far down as you like, I went 4 inches below the original hole. Lastly, the collar has to go so it doesn’t look so structured up top. You can make this as low as you’d like as well.



I inserted a a red sheet just so you can see where I made the cuts on the collar.

Here’s the finished product:IMG_4576This t shirt was a plain gray tee shirt from Target, and instead of it collecting dust in my drawer, it will now be used more often and with cute bralettes!

Thinking of doing this to any of your old shirts?

14 thoughts on “DIY | Make Old T Shirts New Again | Part 2

  1. This looks so cool! I need to practice on some of my old shirts because I can never manage to cut a clean line or majorly overdo the cutting and have to retire the shirt to being a cleaning rag! LMAO!


  2. It’s very funny to play with old t-shirts or clothes, I’ve done something similar to a pink t-shirt I wore when I was at school and the end result was a brand new thing…


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