JCrew Haul + More!


If I can’t buy makeup, I might as well shop the end of summer sales! All these stores are getting ready for Fall. Also, Nordstrom was having their Anniversary Sale. Enough said.

Aerie Lace Bralette in True Black : For my small chest, I decided that the bandeau and I cannot be BFFs like I thought we would be, and I figured I should move on to a bralette. It’s basically a bandeau but with straps so it’s more comfortable to wear and I don’t have to pull it up every five minutes. How cute?! And affordable!


Wildfox Pillow Fight Baggy Beach Jumper: My obsession with Wildfox jumpers has commenced. I tried this on a long time ago and ended up picking the tribal print one out of the two. Since I got this on sale for a whopping $39.99 + free shipping, I now have both!


Clinique ‘Twice the Moisture’ Gel Duo: The beloved moisturizer I’ve been using is running dangerously low. I got this from Nordstrom’s Anni Sale and it came with a travel size version basically for free.


And from JCrew: This order — under 30 bucks!

Long-Sleeve Linen-Cotton Tee in Lavender Mist: I have always loved the color and have it in sweater form, so now I have it in long sleeve tee form!

Perfect-Fit Tank Top Bright Persimmon: Wore this orange baby already, of course. Shout out to StashMatters who encouraged my “orange domination.” 🙂

Painter Boatneck Tee in Burnished Redwood: Perfect for Fall!


I hope you enjoyed seeing my little haul. As you can see, I am trying to be good and only shop sales + free shipping if I feel I MUST shop. You know what I mean?

What have you hauled lately? Let me know!

24 thoughts on “JCrew Haul + More!

  1. Nice scores especially that JCrew order! Really handy basics. The bralette is a cute concept – I hate anything strapless so bandeaus and I broke up a long time ago “it’s not me, it’s you” 😉


  2. So I kind of hauled. I bought some cute stuff at a local boutique but I haven’t photo’d any of it yet. Just a few new clothing items. I am totally proud of some cute makeup from a blog sale used but not really. She never used any of it – just opened it! And last night, HAHHH! YES! I did a little foiled shadow makeup haul from Make Up Geek! OH YES!


    • You sound like you have a lot of new cute stuff to show! That’s amazing that they can just open it and try it maybe once or not even and then sell it and you get a great deal! Oh goodness. I cannot wait to read about the MUG foiled eyeshadows. Did you see her sale the other day? She said she would have a new sale every week for the month of August. How exciting! I wish I could buyyyyyyy 😦


      • I was amazing at the beautiful stuff. If you want to check it where I saw the stuff it’s on thewonkybrow.blogspot.com (You’ll see the Dior gloss sold, that was me) and I bought the Archie MAC blush and Liberty NARS blush. But she has a few other things that were swatched and all her stuff looks perfect. There’s a full size bottle of HIGH BEAM. I’ve been perusing this morning thinking of picking up some more stuff. I was looking for sale items on MUG but what she had this week were some palettes and I wanted like 4 or 5 foiled shadows so I just went for it.


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